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Ambire Wallet Development Update Q1 2024

Q1 of 2024 was a busy period for Ambire Wallet - find out what we've been up to and what is yet to come!

Ambire Wallet development update - Q1, 2024
Find out what we've been up to in the latest Ambire Wallet development update

It is time for another development update! We have been busy building since we last shared an update in November 2023.

Here are just some of the highlights of the past couple of months:

Ambire’s 2nd birthday

Ambire Wallet celebrated its second birthday in December 2023. After only 2 years of existence, Ambire Wallet has more than 117,000 registered wallets, and its users have saved more than $27,000 in gas fees thanks to transaction batching!

Some significant new features were also introduced to the wallet to elevate the user experience, too. Check it all out:

Ambire Wallet Turns 2: Highlights and Achievements
Join us in celebrating Ambire Wallet’s second birthday by checking out some highlights in numbers, milestones, and features we have achieved so far!

Ambire Wallet’s 2024 Roadmap

It is no surprise that the focus for 2024 will be on the much anticipated Ambire Wallet browser extension. Its development is in full swing (and early testing has begun - more on that later).

Have a look at what we have in store for this year:

Ambire Wallet 2024 Roadmap: Browser Extension & More
It is time to look back at 2023 and announce what we have in store in the 2024 Ambire Wallet roadmap.

2024 events

We have started planning the 2024 events calendar for Ambire. The first event where you will be able to hear our co-founder and CEO speak and meet the team will be at EthereumZuri.ch in Switzerland between the 5th and 7th of April:

We will be announcing more events on our X (Twitter) account and in our communities for the year, so stay tuned!

DeFi Bull Camp

We at Ambire geared up for the upcoming bull run with our DeFi Bull Camp. This community promotion helped users explore the wallet’s amazing features together with partner DeFi protocols Lido & GMX. The best part is that there were rewards for the most active users who dived into token swaps, liquid staking, and perpetual swaps. You can read more about it here:

Join the Ambire DeFi Bull Camp and Partake for $3K Prize Pool
As we all wait for the next bull run, Ambire Wallet announces a three-episode camp with different on-chain trading strategies and an enticing $3K for grabs. Learn how to join!

What else happened

  • Ambire’s co-founder and CEO, Ivo, also joined Bankless for a great Spaces on X (Twitter) session, discussing why Account abstraction is the future of Ethereum. You can listen to the recording here if you missed it.
  • Ambire Wallet added liquidity to $WALLET trading pairs to meet higher demand - the $WALLET token has gained almost 300% in the last three months!
  • We started a waitlist for the closed beta of the upcoming browser extension. Over 1,500 people are queuing up to get their hands on Ambire V2.
  • Ambire Wallet’s community voted on extending the xWallet staking with an additional 4% (of the total supply) for the next year. This is a result of the success of the staking initiative so far - more than 64% of the circulating WALLET supply is currently staked.

And now for the star of the show…

The Ambire Wallet browser extension

Ambire Wallet is already one of the best AA smart contract wallets out there. But what if you could use just one wallet to store, manage, and invest ALL of your crypto assets? Meet the Ambire Wallet browser extension - a secure, self-custodial hybrid solution for all your Web3 needs. How do we achieve this? Thanks to key features (currently being vigorously tested while we prepare for the public launch), such as:

EOA & smart account support

The browser extension comes with a major upgrade of what you may already know in Ambire Wallet: currently, you can use a Basic Account, a.k.a Externally Owned Account (EOA), to sign transactions. In the extension, you will be able to import Basic Accounts or connect with a hardware wallet. This functionality allows you to send transactions from them and sign messages. Both Basic and Smart Accounts can be managed with hot and hardware wallets too!

What does this mean in a nutshell? Ambire Wallet does everything that Rabby, Metamask, etc, do - but combined with the power of Smart Accounts!

Importing crypto account to Ambire Wallet
You can now import Basic Accounts (EOAs, or existing hot wallets) in the Ambire Wallet browser extension

Add any EVM network

Extension users will be able to add any EVM network themselves (zkEVM networks, too, but they will only be supported by Basic Accounts). And the best part? Users could deploy Ambire Wallet on the new networks - something that traditionally has to be done by the wallet team. This further enforces the principles of Web3 - user empowerment, ownership, and decentralization, just to name a few.

Adding EVM networks in Ambire Wallet
Ambire Wallet browser extension users will be able to add any EVM network

Transaction batching & transaction simulation on any chain

When using a smart account, you can batch transactions and sign as one to save on gas fees as you have done in the Ambire Wallet web & mobile app.

Additionally, the browser extension equips power users with advanced transaction simulation on any chain! This way, you can see how your balance will be impacted and the transaction's outcome before you even sign it - a superb security feature to prevent malicious dApps.

Batching transactions and signing them in Ambire Wallet
You can queue multiple transactions and sign later (for smart accounts), and you can preview the outcome of the transaction

That’s not all, of course

The Ambire wallet browser extension brings much more than we just showcased. The much beloved Gas Tank is, naturally, there (with automatic cashback). You can pay for transactions in stablecoins and other tokens - simply select which currency you’d like to pay with upon signing the transaction. The best thing is that the Gas Tank is network agnostic, and you can top it up on one chain but use it on all available ones.

The extension also comes with native ERC-4337 support, which will be enabled by default (using Pimlico as the bundler solution).

Furthermore, you can personalize accounts added to the extension - this way, you won’t have to guess which account is which.

Final words

We cannot wait to share the extension with you. The unique combination of features, e.g., native ERC-4337 support, smart account + EOA support, the ability to add any EVM network, etc., makes the Ambire Wallet browser extension your all-in-one tool to participate in any aspect of the Web3 ecosystem.

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