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Ambire Wallet Celebrates Its 2nd Birthday

Join us in celebrating Ambire Wallet's second birthday by checking out some highlights in numbers, milestones, and features we have achieved so far!

Ambire Wallet celebrates its 2nd birthday
Ambire Wallet was launched on 16 Dec 2021, so now it’s time to celebrate its 2nd birthday

It’s Ambire Wallet’s 2nd birthday today! While it’s difficult to share cake online, we decided to share some wallet number highlights and important milestones instead - that is just as good, right?

Ambire Wallet in numbers

In the last 2 years since the wallet launch on 16 Dec 2021, we have achieved some pretty impressive numbers, even if we say so ourselves. See for yourself:

  • 115k registered users and counting
  • $27k saved on gas thanks to transaction batching
  • $186k recovered via email - money that could been lost otherwise
  • 332 million staked WALLET tokens - which earn you rewards while you enjoy life
  • 50k+ followers & community members across social channels
Ambire Wallet milestones in numbers for the past two years
Take a look at the last 2 years of Ambire Wallet in numbers

Ambire Wallet in amazing features

In just 2 years, which is a mere 730 days, we introduced some spectacular features to make self-custody easy and secure, empower crypto enthusiasts, and really make us stand out from the crowd! Let’s have a look at just some of the milestones and features we achieved:

  • Self-custodial account creation with email or other crypto wallets
  • Gas payments in stablecoins and other tokens, not necessarily the network’s native tokens
  • Unique Gas Tank allowing for 20% savings on gas fees + transaction batching for further savings
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Single address across all supported EVM chains
  • Transaction simulation and balance estimations before transactions are signed
  • Secure & seamless interactions with dApps directly inside the wallet

The best is yet to come

The last 2 years have been amazing - but that’s not all, folks! We’re still busy building and have more in store for you. 2024 is going to be another exciting year, especially as we gear towards the launch of the much anticipated Ambire Wallet browser extension: the first smart contract wallet alternative to MetaMask to unlock the full power of Account Abstraction without any compromise on user experience.

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