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Ambire Governance Vote: Extend xWALLET Staking

Ambire seeks community votes on extending xWALLET staking incentives. Token holders choose to extend, halve, or end rewards.

Ambire Governance Vote: Extend xWALLET Staking
Your vote matters: Decide on extending xWALLET staking rewards with Ambire

The Ambire community is faced with a proposal regarding extending staking incentives for an additional year. This comes after a period where a significant portion of the WALLET supply, or over 64%, was actively staked, contributing to the ecosystem's stability and growth.

We propose extending the staking incentive by allocating an additional 4% of the total WALLET supply for the next year, funded from the DAO's allocation. This initiative represents a modest increase in issuance of approximately 7%, with the rewards being locked by default to ensure they contribute positively to our ecosystem.

Furthermore, in response to community feedback, we are introducing a more flexible approach by offering a "halving" option. This option proposes a reduced extension of the staking rewards, distributing 2% of the total supply over the next year.

Stakeholders are presented with three options

  • Extend the current reward rate
  • Halve the current reward rate
  • Stop the rewards entirely

Who is eligible to vote?

The possession of xWALLET tokens as of the snapshot date determines eligibility to participate in this vote. All stakeholders holding tokens are invited to vote.

When does the vote take place?

The voting window is scheduled from February 7, 2024, to February 14, 2024. Token holders are encouraged to review the proposal's details and participate in the governance process, contributing to the decision on the future of xWALLET staking incentives.

How to vote?

To cast your vote, follow the 'Vote now" button below. You will have to connect your wallet where you hold your xWALLET tokens and select one of three choices from the proposal.

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