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Transaction Batching 101, or How to Streamline Crypto Transactions

Ambire Wallet showcases the transformative power of transaction batching in the crypto space. Discover how TX batching revolutionizes blockchain transactions, from gas savings to improved scalability.

The beginnings guide to transaction batching in crypto
Learn how to streamline crypto transactions by batching them together

In the blockchain realm, where every microsecond and micro-wei counts, transaction batching has become a game-changer. It is rapidly gaining traction across the crypto community, with Ambire Wallet at the forefront, showcasing how transaction batching can significantly enhance the user experience while reducing transaction costs. The growing popularity and necessity of transaction batching in the crypto space are evident as more platforms adopt this technique to optimize transaction processing. Ambire Wallet, a powerful web3 self-custodial wallet, has embraced transaction batching and is setting an example in the industry for others to follow.

What is transaction batching?

Let’s first look at what it actually means. Transaction batching is the process of combining multiple transactions together into a single transaction to save on gas fees and improve efficiency on the blockchain. This concept is quite straightforward but holds immense potential in optimizing blockchain transactions. By grouping several transactions together, the overall gas fee is reduced, making transactions on networks like Ethereum (notorious for expensive gas) more economical. This is especially beneficial in high gas fee environments, where you can often be put off from making transactions due to the costs involved.

The magic behind transaction batching

Transaction batching, or the ability to consolidate multiple transactions into one, is facilitated by smart contracts. But what are they? Smart contracts are essentially a program running on Ethereum - a collection of code and data, which is deployed to the network and runs as programmed. They enable the automatic execution of transactions once the specified conditions are met. Ambire Wallet harnesses the power of smart contracts to enable transaction batching, ensuring a seamless and cost-effective transaction experience.

The technical intricacies of transaction batching involve creating a smart contract to hold multiple transactions, process them together as one, and then distribute the outcomes to the respective recipients. This significantly reduces the gas fees as the cost is shared across all transactions in the batch, making it a highly efficient method, especially on networks like Ethereum, where gas fees often can be quite high.

The implementation of transaction batching requires quite a robust infrastructure to ensure the accuracy and security of batched transactions. Ambire Wallet has meticulously crafted its infrastructure to support transaction batching, ensuring users can batch transactions securely and efficiently.

Real-world applications of transaction batching

Transaction batching has a vast application and finds its utility in various real-world scenarios. For instance, in DeFi (decentralized finance), you can combine transactions together when interacting with multiple platforms, and that way significantly reduces gas fees and improves transaction efficiency. Similarly, during high network congestion periods, you can batch transactions together to avoid paying exorbitant gas fees for each individual transaction.

Moreover, in the bustling NFT (non-fungible tokens) marketplaces, transaction batching can be hugely beneficial. It not only reduces the cost of buying and selling NFTs but also streamlines the process, making it quicker and more user-friendly.

The impact of transaction batching is really profound, offering a glimpse into a much-desired future where blockchain transactions are faster, cheaper, and more efficient. The real cases of Ambire Wallet users benefiting from the wallet’s transaction batching feature further underscore the practical benefits of this innovation in the crypto space.

Batched transactions waiting to be signed in Ambire Wallet
An example of transaction batching in Ambire Wallet

Advantages of transaction batching

Transaction batching has several advantages that significantly enhance the user experience on the blockchain. Let’s have a look at some of the more notable benefits:

Better user experience

The main advantage of transaction batching is the enhanced user experience. By putting multiple transactions together, you can save a considerable amount of time and money. This is particularly beneficial in fast-paced environments like the crypto space, where literally every second counts. The reduced gas fees and faster transaction processing times ensure a much smoother and more enjoyable user experience. Ambire Wallet’s feature to combine transactions is a testament to the improved user experience that comes with batched transactions.

Lower gas fees

One of the major benefits of transaction batching is cutting down on gas fees (costs incurred to process transactions on the Ethereum network). When you batch transactions together, the cost per transaction is significantly reduced, making transactions more economical. There are, of course, other ways to reduce gas fees, but transaction batching is a simple, elegant way of doing so.

The table compares gas costs between Externally Owned Account (EOA) wallets, exemplified by MetaMask, and Ambire Wallet with the Gas Tank feature enabled across different numbers of operations. As the number of operations increases, Ambire Wallet consistently demonstrates reduced gas costs compared to EOA wallets. Even though Ambire Wallet has a slightly higher cost for a single operation because of its smart contract nature, it offers savings ranging from around 10% to 37% for 2 to 15 operations. This showcases the efficiency of Ambire Wallet when batching multiple operations, making it a cost-effective choice for users on the Ethereum network.

of Operations
EOA Wallets
(e.g., MetaMask)
Ambire Wallet w.
Gas Tank enabled
Gas Savings
1 $2.91 $3.48 19.59%
2 $5.81 $5.19 -10.67%
3 $8.72 $6.90 -20.87%
5 $14.54 $10.32 -29.02%
8 $23.26 $15.45 -33.56%
10 $29.07 $18.87 -35.06%
15 $43.61 $27.42 -37.12%

Improved security

Security is a cornerstone of transaction batching. By consolidating multiple transactions, you minimize the attack surface for malicious activity. This is because only one transaction gets broadcasted to the network, thus reducing the points of vulnerability. Ambire Wallet has fortified its transaction batching feature with additional security measures to ensure the utmost safety and integrity of the transactions. It offers a transaction simulation feature, for example. The simulation allows you to preview the outcome of your transactions before signing, ensuring accuracy and reducing the likelihood of errors.

The transcation simulation feature in Ambire Walllet showing future balances after the pending transactions are signed
Ambire Wallet’s transaction simulation displays the expected balance once the pending transactions are signed

Higher scalability

Transaction batching also helps with blockchain scalability. When you process multiple transactions as a single batch, you significantly reduce the load on the network. This is crucial for blockchain networks' long-term sustainability and scalability, as it ensures that the network can handle a higher volume of transactions without getting congested. Ambire Wallet's implementation of transaction batching is a step towards solving the scalability challenge many blockchain networks face.

How Ambire Wallet does transaction batching

Ambire Wallet has ingeniously incorporated transaction batching into its core to optimize the user experience and minimize transaction costs. Not only can you combine multiple transactions and sign them as one, but you can also take advantage of the following features that further improve your journey:

  • Gas Tank: This unique feature allows you to pre-pay gas fees in stablecoins or other ERC-20 tokens, reducing the dependency on ETH for gas fees - and it can be used across any supported network!
  • Smart Adjusting of Gas Price Parameters: Ambire Wallet smartly adjusts gas price parameters to ensure transactions are processed efficiently, even during network congestion.
  • Transaction Simulation: This allows you to preview the outcome of your transactions before confirming them, ensuring accuracy, reducing the likelihood of errors, and preventing malicious transactions.

Ambire Wallet's implementation of transaction batching is a blend of innovative features and robust infrastructure. By leveraging smart contracts and optimizing gas price parameters, Ambire Wallet ensures users can batch transactions securely and efficiently. The Gas Tank and transaction simulation features further enhance the user experience, making transaction batching a seamless process.


Transaction batching is really a revolutionary stride towards efficient and cost-effective crypto transactions. As Ambire Wallet continues to pioneer this feature, the broader implications on the Ethereum network and the blockchain community are promising. The future of transaction batching looks bright, with potential advancements that could further streamline transaction processing on blockchain networks. Exploring transaction batching on Ambire Wallet could be your first step towards optimized crypto transactions, heralding a future where transaction batching is the norm, not the exception. The continuous evolution of transaction batching techniques, together with platforms like Ambire Wallet leading the charge, shows we’re heading in a positive direction toward achieving scalability and efficiency in blockchain transactions.

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