Home Promotions Join the Ambire DeFi Bull Camp with $3K up for Grabs

Join the Ambire DeFi Bull Camp with $3K up for Grabs

Are we so back? We're prepping up for a 3-week journey exploring different on-chain trading strategies to help you navigate the upcoming bull run - with rewards in store. Join Ambire and partner dApps for a complete blast!

DeFi Bull Camp announcement
The DeFi Bull Camp has a prize pool of $3,000 - don't miss out

We sense it in the air—it's almost here! What's more exciting than gearing up for the upcoming bull run?

After enduring a cold and lengthy winter in the crypto markets, there's a noticeable warming in sentiment. Before entering the bull market, we want to ensure everyone does so safely and with knowledge. We present you the Ambire DeFi Bull Camp that allows you to explore the decentralized space securely and in a self-custodial manner - your keys, your crypto.

Secure your front-row seat as we delve into performing typical centralized exchange actions in a decentralized fashion. This campaign includes swaps, perpetual swaps, and liquid staking. Plus, in addition to the educational series, participants will have the chance to win a share of a $3,000 prize pool by completing on-chain quests and other attractive rewards. Keep reading to find out how to participate and win…

How will the DeFi Bull Camp run

Over the course of three weeks, we will release an exciting series of episodes in collaboration with esteemed dApp partners. Here's the rundown for the upcoming episodes:

Each episode will be a treasure chest of knowledge as we team up with featured dApps to craft insightful blog pieces. But it's not just about learning – join our on-chain quests for a chance to win a share of the weekly $1,000 prize pool for the top 10 participants.

And, here’s an additional kick: participate in all three episodes and earn yourself a guaranteed front seat in the extension testing (and future betas), plus claim a coveted Bull role in our Discord community 🐂.

The first episode will start on Monday, Jan 29th, 2024.

How to and how much can you win

Each episode lasts 7 days, starting on the Monday and ending on the Sunday of the particular week. Get involved in an on-chain quest through Ambire Wallet, where partner dApps seamlessly integrate into Ambire’s dApp catalog for optimal user experience.

We will be posting detailed quest instructions weekly for every episode, so make sure to check the blog for the week’s quest specifics. Each week, we will distribute $1,000 as follows:

  • 1st place: $300 in DAI
  • 2nd place: $200 in DAI
  • 3rd place: $150 in DAI
  • 4th place: $100 in WALLET
  • 5th place: $75 in WALLET
  • 6th-10th places: $35 in WALLET

Winners and rewards for a specific episode will be disclosed and distributed no later than the following Wednesday after the episode's conclusion.

Terms and Conditions

  • You need an Ambire Wallet with funds on it to participate
  • Each quest will run from Monday to Sunday of the specified week
  • You must follow the rules of each episode as described in that week’s blog post
  • Winning addresses will be revealed in the promo section of each episode's blog post, and rewards will be distributed no later than the following Wednesday after the conclusion of the weekly quest
  • DAI rewards will be paid out on the Optimism network
  • WALLET rewards will be distributed on Ethereum in the Ambire WALLET token distribution module (here’s how to claim)

Getting started

For a smoother experience, ensure you have an Ambire wallet with funds before the DeFi Bull Camp starts. Complete the quests using either the web or mobile wallet version. If you're new to Ambire, these links could be helpful.

Final words

Ready for a ride? Embark on a gripping three-week adventure exploring on-chain trading strategies. Engage in learning, join on-chain quests, and win rewards. Mark your calendar for our first episode so you don’t miss the kickoff to our bull run preparations!

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