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Ambire Wallet 2022 Recap

Ambire Wallet reflects on a transformative year, highlighting key milestones like product launches and community growth.

Ambire Wallet 2022 Recap

A retrospective of our biggest highlights from the past year

Well Frens, have we seen the 🎒 rollercoaster year of crypto in 2022, or what? Started bullish, ending bearish and meanwhile served quite a few heart and brain strokes along the way β€” some even literally πŸ™ƒ

But no matter how crazy 2022 got, it never stopped us from keeping the πŸ”₯ Ambire flame strong: the market went down, but our builders and makers continued to soar πŸš€

1 y.o. Ambire Wallet

In just 12 months since its launch in December of β€˜21, Ambire managed to snag almost 100K accounts with over 80 Mil. TVL in crypto at the hight of the bull market. Not really a toddler anymore, right? πŸ˜†

$WALLET, the Ambire Wallet governance token, got listed in January on Huobi, later on Gate.io and has meanwhile played its due part in several community votes (while also delivering as a reward and fee saving source for Ambire users). Our native staking solution followed and still offers a robust APY for holding xWALLET.

β€˜The Smart Wallet’ Twitter Spaces series was launched and started gaining momentum over the summer. Totalling 14 episodes of precious crypto knowledge β€” Β from nerdy but actionable smart contract tech discussions to crypto security education and valuable cross-category insights β€” Β it was a blast and we promise to bring it back in β€˜23, in a fresh format.

Partnerships abounded (and continue): we launched our exclusive CryptoTesters NFT collab and the Lobster $WALLET reward perks, multiple onramp and offramp integrations, contests and promos. These all made sure our community was inspired and active.

Here’s how the Ambire multichain ecosystem looks at the end of 2022:

A graphic showing the Ambire Wallet ecosystem

Build never stops

Some big product events unfolded for us over the year β€” and in the smart contract wallet space, for that matter:

β€” Gas Tank launch β€”> a unique fee-saving solution that helps you make smart contract wallets fees almost on par with those of EOAs, but with all the added self-custodial onchain security: instead of paying gas to the relayer for each operation, you can prepay for network fees in your Ambire Gas Tank, loading it with your token of choice and using that to pay on any of the supported chains.

β€” dApp Catalog launch β€”> we opened-up EVM at multi-chain level: Ambire curates a collection of dApps that are integrated either through Wallet Connect or Gnosis approaches, ensuring you roam web3 safe, straight from your dashboard

β€” Ambire SigLib release β€”> we identified a missing link in crypto dApp development: lots of important players did not consider signature standards for smart contract wallets, basically gatekeeping users from these type of projects; our open-source NPM library enables universal EthSignature verification and is easy to implement, as our friends at Guild.xyz successfully demonstrated

β€” UI update release: a sleek new interface was released in October, whose look&feel aligned with the complex asset management tool Ambire had become β€” the Swiss-knife of smart contract wallets 😏

And working hard did not mean we missed-out IRL: from the Black Sea to Amsterdam, Berlin, Lisbon or Bogota, we rocked the scenes of conferences and events. Ivo, our CEO, delivered smart wallet wisdom to a packed audience at DevCon VI, while our killa’ swag raised eyebrows, tweets and laughter β†’ Paper Hands, our CAH-inspired crypto card game, was all the rage and we promise to not disappoint in β€˜23 either 🀞

Lastly, a well-deserved conclusion for this year: #OwnYourAssets β€” our mantra for 2022 and going forward, a best practice for our safe digital future. Read the full article here.

See you all in β€˜23 with a new roadmap and new milestones to check.

'Til then, keep calm and Ambire on 🫑

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