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Ambire Wallet Development Update Q2 2024

It’s been a while since we last shared what’s been cooking in the Ambire kitchen. Plenty has happened in the last few months so read on to learn more.

As we approach the end of Q2 of 2024 it is time for another development update
As we approach the end of Q2 of 2024 it is time for another development update

Our last full update was in March 2024, and so much has happened since then! Another exciting quarter is near its end, which means a summary of recent developments is due. Find out what we have been up to and what is still in store!

Browser extension: hybrid account abstraction

You have heard us talk about the browser extension. But you may not have heard us mention hybrid account abstraction just yet. So what is it? It’s very simple: the Ambire Wallet browser extension simply supports all types of wallets: smart contract accounts, traditional EOAs, and enhanced EOAs via EIP-7702 (this proposal by Vitalik Buterin allows EOAs to temporarily act as smart contract wallets during a transaction and revert to their original state afterward). This means you can manage all your assets in one place and never need another crypto wallet again!

Furthermore, it comes with built-in support for Ethereum and all big layer 2s, but you can add any custom EVM network, too. Of course, it also brings all the amazing features that you know from Ambire Wallet as it is on web and mobile: it supports cross-chain gas payments via the unique Gas Tank, account recovery, transaction batching, transaction simulation, etc - just look at this beauty:

The browser extension is currently undergoing rigorous testing by a select group of early testers before we open it up to a wider audience. You still have a chance to sign up and give it a go, too, go for it:

Scroll Network is now natively integrated into the Ambire extension, web, and mobile wallets

Following a recent governance vote, the Ambire community was all for natively integrating Scroll Network in all versions of the wallet: the upcoming browser extension, as well as the web and mobile wallets. Not only can Ambire users take advantage of Scroll’s benefits (e.g. lower gas fees, enhancing transaction throughput etc), but we are also giving 200 invite codes for early testing of the Ambire extension to Scroll Sessions participants, go grab yours before they’re all gone:

Ambire Wallet attends Ethereum events

The Web3 events season is in full swing! We started Q2 strong with co-founder & CEO Ivo Georgiev on the EthereumZuri.ch stage in April 2024. He talked about the benefits of Account Abstraction and demystified AA EIPs to an engaged audience:

Then, in May 2024, we sponsored DappCon in Berlin. We had a booth with some brand-new swag that was once again a favorite amongst the attendees. We talked smart contract wallets, account abstraction and memecoins with the community and launched ‘Paper Hands’ vol. 2 (our own version of ‘Cards against humanity’ for crypto). Ivo delivered another captivating talk on account abstraction, smart contract wallets and EIPs shortly after Vitalik Buterin’s fireside chat. Learn more about our Berlin adventures here:

Ambire Wallet Returns to DappCon24
DappCon24 in Berlin was a great event for the Ambire Wallet team - we are keen to share our impressions from this event with the community.

Now we are gearing up for the next big event in the Ethereum ecosystem: EthCC in Brussels in July 2024. We are cooking up some fun side events while also attending the main conference. Join us at Multichain Day if you’re also going to EthCC:

WalletDAO and Governance updates

The last few months were very productive in terms of community governance. As a result of this, here’s what was implemented:

  • Bridged WALLET token to Base network and established a $WALLET/$ETH liquidity pool position on Uniswap V3.
  • Scroll Network was integrated into the Ambire web and mobile wallet.
  • 0.2% of the total WALLET supply (20M WALLET) was allocated to forging a lasting relationship with an RPC provider incorporating a payment model that includes a portion of the annual fee payable in WALLET tokens.
  • Minted 50 million $WALLET tokens (out of a total of 355M allocated for the DAO) and further bought another 20 million from the market for a total of 70 million $WALLET tokens and created a deep liquidity position on Uniswap V3.
  • A vote passed to launch $stkWALLET to replace $xWALLET - will be done at the earliest convenience.

Check out the Ambire Wallet Snapshot page for all past and ongoing proposals, and let us know in our Forum what you think not only of our governance proposal but also give us product feedback.

In conclusion

While we’ve had an eventful first half of the year, there is still much more in store until the end of 2024—thank you for being a part of the Ambire Wallet journey in one way or another. We are excited to ship more exciting stuff!

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