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Ambire Wallet Returns to DappCon24

DappCon24 in Berlin was a great event for the Ambire Wallet team - we are keen to share our impressions from this event with the community.

Ambire Wallet Returns to DappCon24
Find out how DappCon24 went for the Ambire Wallet team

The Ambire Wallet team just returned from Berlin, where we sponsored and exhibited at DappCon24, part of Berlin Blockchain Week in May 2024. We had an absolute blast and wanted to share our conference and ecosystem impressions with the Ambire community!

DappCon24 for Ambire Wallet

Ambire was amongst the sponsors of DappCon this year, so we had a booth in the Sponsor Hall. During our time in Berlin, we met so many Ambire and Account Abstraction fans, gathered valuable feedback from the Ethereum community, had some amazing chats, and attended very interesting talks and panels (including a surprise fireside chat with Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, himself).

As with other events, we quickly became famous for our strong swag game—both for Ambire Wallet and our recently rebranded weekly newsletter and podcast, Web3 On Fire.

We were very excited to present Vol. 2 of “Paper Hands” in Berlin: our team’s rendition of the card game Cards Against Humanity, but for crypto (nerds). Since first publishing 2 years ago in 2022, it has become a firm favorite in the crypto community, and Vol. 2 was, not surprisingly, another huge success:

We also gave out a limited number of exclusive early tester invite codes to Ambire enthusiasts who are eager to try the upcoming Ambire Wallet browser extension! If you also cannot wait to get your hands on the extension, check this tweet for more info:

Other worthy mentions

Aside from Ambire, there were other exhibitors and events worth mentioning. E.g. Gnosis, the host of DappCon24, took the opportunity to announce the launch of their on-chain self-custodial wallet Metri during the event. Built on Gnosis Chain, Metri plans to prioritize community engagement. While it is currently only accessible to a closed group of users, it is planned to release to a wider audience in Q3 2024.

Gnosis Pay, a self-custodial Visa Debit Card, linked to a Safe smart account, also took center stage. A special promotion for DappCon visitors allowed them to grab their card on-site and start spending crypto IRL. The Gnosis Pay card is a good alternative for off-ramping, albeit not yet supporting smart contract wallets.

Ambire in the spotlight: Demystifying Account Abstraction EIPs

On the last day of DappCon, shortly after Vitalik Buterin, Ambire’s co-founder and CEO Ivo Georgiev took to the main stage to deliver a much-anticipated talk aimed at demystifying Account Abstraction EIPs. While Ambire already has valuable content on RIP-7560, EIP-4337, as well as EIP-3074, there are so many EIPs and quite a bit of controversy out there.

Ivo’s talk touched on many important topics and questions. Are the EIPs competing? (Not really - they actually mostly compliment each other.) Is AA live? (Yes, and has been for a few years.) Are smart accounts still treated like secondhand citizens because smart contract signatures are not yet widely accepted, or accepted only for deployed accounts? (Yes, but Ambire is lobbying for equal rights and authored EIP-6492 to solve that).

Ivo demystifying Account Abstraction EIPs on DappCon24's main stage
Ivo demystifying Account Abstraction EIPs on DappCon24's main stage

Learnings & insights

Events IRL are always a great learning opportunity for the team. Not only do we find out about the latest trends, but also get to speak to crypto enthusiasts, find out what it is they need, get feedback on our product, plus have some fun! Here are just some of the things we found interesting this time:

Account Abstraction needs to be more famous

While many people have heard or know a bit about Account Abstraction and the benefits of smart contract wallets, sadly not everyone is aware of its full potential. Did you know that with account abstraction you can:

  • Hybrid Account Abstraction: What if we told you that you can have both EOAs as well as smart accounts in one place and manage both types? The upcoming Ambire Wallet browser extension offers exactly that so you no longer need another crypto wallet.
  • Batch multiple transactions into one: while it is very cool to be able to batch any combination of transactions on a particular network, possibly the biggest benefit of this is that you can combine token approvals with the actual action. The best part: these approvals are limited to that transaction so the rest of your tokens will stay safe even in the case of malicious activity. This is already the case for Ambire Wallet.
  • Gas management: Did you know that thanks to AA, you no longer need to have native tokens to transact on a network? Ambire Wallet’s unique Gas Tank e.g. allows you to top it up on one network and pay for transaction fees in stablecoins and other tokens across ALL supported networks!
  • Same address across networks + custom networks: Account Abstraction allows you to keep the same address across ALL supported EVM networks. Furthermore, it allows users to add custom networks and deploy them themselves - a feature coming to Ambire users in the wallet browser extension.

The Ambire Blog is a good place to start if you want to find out more information about Account Abstraction and its benefits.

The industry is as keen as ever to evolve and improve

We always come back with recharged batteries from Ethereum conferences and meetups. Being surrounded by like-minded individuals with the same goals, e.g. making Web3 more accessible to normies, improving the infrastructure and the image of Web3, constantly evolving, etc, is a great experience. It was great to see old ecosystem frens, make new ones and pave the way for wider crypto adoption and more actual use cases. Until next time (at EthCC Brussels)!

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