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Pay Gas with $WALLET & xWALLET and Save 30% on Fees

Learn how to save up to 30% on gas fees with Ambire Wallet's special promotion. Pay for gas with $WALLET and xWALLET tokens and enjoy discounted rates.

Pay Gas with $WALLET & xWALLET and Save 30% on Fees

We are launching a gas fee promotion when you use our newest feature: paying for gas with $WALLET and xWALLET tokens

We recently added an exciting new feature to Ambire Wallet: the ability to pay for gas in our native $WALLET token or in xWALLET (staked WALLET). This further expands the gas fee options for our users — as you know, Ambire lets you pay for these not only in the native token of the network you are using (ETH, BNB, MATIC, etc.) but also in stablecoins.

It is now time to celebrate this wonderful new capability with a special promotion: for a limited time only, when you pay for gas in WALLET and xWALLET, you get a special discount on gas fees!


Save up to 30% on gas fees

This exclusive promotion will run for 3 weeks only, starting from Friday, April 1, 2022, 0:00 AM UTC.

The discount will be leveled every week: it will start at 30% during the first week; in week 2, it will be 20%, and the third promotional week will cut your gas costs by 10%.

Here is a breakdown of the promotional discounts by date:

  • April 1 — April 10: 30% discount on all fees paid with $WALLET and xWALLET tokens
  • April 11 — April 17: 20% discount on all fees paid with $WALLET and xWALLET tokens
  • April 18 — April 24: 10% discount on all fees paid with $WALLET and xWALLET tokens

In order to receive the discount, you need to select WALLET or xWALLET from the “Fee Currency” dropdown on your transaction confirmation page:

The Transaction page in Ambire Wallet with a transaction pending

And that’s all! Once you select the, the fee discount will be automatically applied to your transaction fee.


Is there a limit to the number of transactions with lower fees?

No! You can make as many transactions as you want during the promotional period, and every qualifying transaction will be processed at a discounted fee.

Can I get the discount if I pay in a stablecoin?

Unfortunately not. The promotion only applies to transaction fees paid in WALLET and xWALLET.

I don’t have WALLET tokens — how do I get them?

If you don’t have any $WALLET tokens yet, there are two ways to get them: purchase them on Huobi, on SushiSwap, or even better — via the Swap functionality of the Ambire Wallet.

The other way to get $WALLET is to send your assets to your Ambire Account and receive early user rewards — this way, your gas fees are practically on the house.

Can I pay for gas with WALLET on Polygon/Fantom/Avalanche/BSC/Moonbeam/Moonriver?

No. WALLET and xWALLET tokens are currently only available on Ethereum, so you can pay for gas in them on that network.

Does paying for gas in xWALLET reduce my staking position?

Yes. When you use a certain amount of your xWALLET tokens, your WALLET staking position is reduced by the number of xWALLET you use.

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