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Web3 On Fire: Improving UX in Web3 w/ 4337, dApps, and Community

Explore the challenges and solutions in Web3 user experience with Mayur Relekar of Arcana Network. This episode of Web3 on Fire delves into ERC-4337, dApps, and community-driven strategies for improving UX in the decentralized world.

Web3 on Fire, episode 7 cover image with Rob and Mayur
Web3 on Fire, Episode 7 - Improving UX in Web3 w/ 4337, dApps, and Community

Welcome to another episode of the Web3 on Fire podcast. In this enlightening edition, our host, Rob from Ambire, engages in a comprehensive conversation with Mayur Relekar, the CEO and Founder of Arcana Network. The episode delves into a variety of topics, from enhancing user experience to navigating the regulatory landscape in Web3.

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Mayur Relekar's Background

Mayur Relekar is not new to the tech industry. With a diverse background in technology and startups, Mayur made a calculated leap into the crypto world. His enthusiasm for decentralized technologies led him to establish Arcana Network, aimed at addressing some of Web3's most pressing challenges.

The Genesis of Arcana Network

Initially, Arcana Network focused on providing decentralized storage solutions. However, recognizing a gap in the Web3 authentication and onboarding market, Mayur and his team shifted their focus. They are now committed to creating user-friendly solutions that simplify decentralized applications' onboarding process.

The Importance of User Experience in Web3

User experience is a significant hurdle to the mass adoption of Web3 technologies. Arcana Network aims to alleviate this by developing intuitive interfaces and facilitating seamless transitions from Web2 to Web3, thus lowering the entry barrier for new users.

Account Abstraction and ERC-4337

Account abstraction is more than a trending term; it's critical for enhancing user interactions with decentralized applications. Mayur discusses how the ERC-4337 standard simplifies wallet interactions, allowing users to manage their assets without getting entangled in technical complexities.

The Role of Gas Costs

High gas fees can be a deterrent for new users exploring decentralized applications. Arcana Network is actively optimizing transactions to minimize gas costs, providing users with a more cost-effective entry into the Web3 ecosystem.

Security Concerns in Web3

In today's digital age, security is paramount. Mayur elaborates on Arcana Network's multi-layered security protocols, designed to safeguard user data while upholding the decentralized principles of Web3.

Interoperability and Cross-Chain Solutions

Interoperability is essential in the fragmented landscape of Web3. Mayur shares insights into Arcana's upcoming cross-chain solutions, enabling users to interact effortlessly across multiple blockchain networks.

Regulatory Landscape

Navigating the complex regulatory environment in crypto is challenging. Mayur outlines how Arcana Network proactively engages with regulatory bodies to ensure compliance and foster user trust.

Send It: A Case Study

"Send It," an Arcana Network product, is revolutionizing how we think about crypto transactions. With its user-centric approach, "Send It" allows individuals to send cryptocurrency seamlessly via email, eliminating the need for the recipient to have a crypto wallet. This intuitive platform addresses common concerns, such as the fear of misusing wallet addresses, by integrating familiar Web2 concepts. Moreover, it offers a rewarding experience, allowing users to earn points with every transaction and participate in weekly challenges for significant airdrops. Designed to promote broader crypto adoption, "Send It" stands as a testament to Arcana's commitment to enhancing user experience in the Web3 space.

Community and User Engagement

A strong community is vital for the success of any Web3 project. Mayur details the strategies Arcana employs to keep its community engaged, from regular updates to incentive programs that reward active participation.

Future Roadmap

Arcana Network has an ambitious roadmap that includes new features, partnerships, and global expansion. Mayur provides a sneak peek into some of the exciting developments.


The episode offered a thorough exploration of the future of Web3, enriched by Mayur Relekar's expert insights. From addressing high gas fees to implementing robust security measures, Arcana Network is set to make a lasting impact on the Web3 space.

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