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Ambire’s Berlin adventures: clippings from a team journal

Join the Ambire team on their Berlin adventure, exploring the city's tech scene and sharing insights into their journey.

Ambire’s Berlin adventures: clippings from a team journal

Henlo, Ambirers 🌈

Our team is back from 🇩🇪Berlin🇩🇪 and already on a roll: we announced the result of the first Ambire governance vote, rolled-out the Power User Multiplier, and got all set for our new ‘Smart Wallet Twitter Spaces’ episodes.

Here’s how we brought the heat in Berlin ↴

Ambire's team posing for a photo at an event.

Energy Level: Merge & Fun 🚀

Alive as ever: Berlin’s youthful and creative energy ensured good vibes all around 💗

The 2022 Berlin Blockchain Week was hyped by the Merge, focusing attention on the EVM ecosystem 🎯

The first 3 days brought hundreds of people to DappCon. Ivo, our CEO, held a must-see talk on the 2nd day, while Ambire was one of the event sponsors:

Ambire's team and the Ambire's booth at an event
Ambire's booth at a conference with swag displayed
Ambire Wallet's CEO, Ivo Georgiev, in front of a projector screen

As hoped, we met new people to share the fun with:

People on a table playing the Paper Hands card game

And as with any IRL Ethereum event, it was nice to see familiar faces and reconnect with old pals 🤝

Ambire swag was in the spotlight, and we confess: we grossly underestimated the number of Shitcoin millionaires that are willing to be open about it 😆

An Ambire employee holding a t-shirt saying Shitcoin Millionaire at an event

Fun aside, the event mapped out an appealing Ethereum roadmap for the near future, with a clear direction for smart wallets as the next hot toy for devs to play with/develop for:

On Thursday, we started by celebrating the 🐼Merge 🐼 and then had a glimpse into the world of wizards, seeing some of the magic that makes the data flow 🪄

DuneCon brought the live release of the Dune API (and went on to host its own ETHBerlin hackathon). We saw relevant VC insights, DEX vs. CEX ecosystem mapping, and some interesting stats for the Ethereum ecosystem.

With reassuring data in our pockets, there was nothing left to do but keep celebrating 🥳: Berlin night scene is one of the best most any week, but the Merge upped the party level intensity 💥

We were happy to see the Ambire warmth spread around Berlin with new sign-ups and with our hoodies:

Ambire's team in hoodies and their heads on fire

Now, we’re getting ready to bring the 🔥 to Bogota in just a couple of weeks, at the next big Eth event: DevCon VI.

See you there 🫡

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