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Ambire Wallet Welcomes Base Chain

Ambire Wallet brings Base Chain to the list of supported networks. Learn more about it in this article.

Ambire Wallet Integrates the L2 Network Base C
Ambire Wallet Integrates Base Chain

We are thrilled to announce the integration of Base chain into Ambire Wallet, marking a significant milestone in our journey to offer users a seamless and efficient blockchain experience. This article introduces you to the Base network, its unique features, and how to leverage its capabilities through Ambire Wallet.

What is Base Chain?

Base chain is an Ethereum Layer-2 (L2) blockchain solution designed to address some of the most pressing issues in the blockchain world today—scalability, high transaction fees, and slow transaction speeds. Built by Coinbase and compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), the Base chain aims to bring the next billion users on-chain by offering a robust and efficient platform for decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts.

How Does Base Chain Work?

The Base chain operates using a Tendermint consensus algorithm, which ensures fast and secure transactions. It also supports Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) for seamless cross-chain transfers. The network offers various tools and features, including block explorers for transaction tracking and bridges for asset transfers between different networks.

Benefits of the Base Network

  • Interoperability: Base chain supports interaction with other blockchain networks, making it easier for users to move assets and data across different chains.
  • Lower Transaction Fees: Base chain significantly reduces the cost of transactions, making it a cost-effective choice for individual users and businesses.
  • Faster Transaction Speeds: With its optimized consensus algorithm, Base chain can process transactions at lightning speed, improving the overall user experience.
  • Enhanced Scalability: Base chain's Layer-2 architecture allows it to handle many transactions, making it highly scalable and ideal for dApps and DeFi platforms.
  • Community Engagement: Base chain has a vibrant community and ecosystem, which means users can expect continuous improvements, new features, and strong community support.
  • No Tokenization: Unlike many other networks, the Base chain does not have its own token. This approach aligns with their primary objective of onboarding the next billion users. It offers several advantages: no utility or distribution worries, focus on ecosystem development, regulatory compliance, and unique positioning among L2 solutions.

What Can You Do on Base Chain?

  • Asset Transfer: Transfer Ether or other tokens from the mainnet to Base via the official Base bridge.
  • Token Exchange: Several decentralized exchanges like Alien Base, BaseSwap, Uniswap, and LeetSwap operate on Base, offering a wide range of trading options.
  • Payments: Beam, an online application, allows transactions using either USDC or Beam's own digital currency, Eco.
  • Usernames and DAOs: Register usernames with the “.base” extension and launch your own DAO on Base.
  • NFT Minting: Several brands like Coca-Cola, Showtime, Atari, Optimism, and OpenSea, among others, offer exclusive NFT minting on Base chain, providing a unique opportunity for collectors and creators.
  • Social Tokenization: Friend.tech* allows you to tokenize your Twitter account and engage with your followers in a new way. (*Please operate with caution due to potential data leaks.)
  • DeFi Protocols: Maverick Protocol offers a decentralized trading platform with unique features like social trading.

How Do You Get Started?

Switching to Base within Ambire Wallet is a straightforward process. Simply navigate to the network selection menu and choose Base chain from the list of supported networks.

Ambire Wallet network selector with Base chain available
Switching to Base in Ambire Wallet couldn't be easier

Integrating Base chain into Ambire Wallet opens up a world of possibilities for our users, offering lower fees, faster transactions, and a more scalable network. We encourage you to explore Base on Ambire Wallet and experience its potential.

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