Home Promotions Win a Cryptotesters NFT with Ambire and Get into One of The Hottest Web3 Communities

Win a Cryptotesters NFT with Ambire and Get into One of The Hottest Web3 Communities

Find out how Ambire is offering a unique opportunity to win a CryptoTesters NFT and join a thriving Web3 community.

Win a Cryptotesters NFT with Ambire and Get into One of The Hottest Web3 Communities

We are happy to announce that Ambire will be supporting the Cryptotesters NFT drop this month and we have something awesome in mind for the Ambire community.

What is Cryptotesters?

Cryptotesters is a community of Web3 power users and builders. On the one hand side it is a place where users can exchange tips, discuss daily events and have social hangouts.

On the other hand it is a support network for builders helping with:

- Advise & support
- Hiring
- User testing
- Help with user acquisition through Cryptotesters.com

By being a part of Cryptotesters users get access to a lot of special opportunities. But. Becoming a part of the community is not easy as it is a closed invite-only membership.

The Cryptotesters NFTs — Opening the gates for 2000 only

This month, the Cryptotesters are releasing a 2000 unique PFP NFT collection on Optimism. The NFT will be a membership pass into the community. To make it even more attractive, the tokens will have plenty of perks included for their holders, including limited time 1.25x booster for $WALLET rewards on Ambire Wallet!

A screenshot of the Cryptotesters NFT holder utilities
All the goodies

However, the spots are super limited, as a significant number of the NFTs are reserved for the Cryptotesters OGs who will be able to mint their PFPs before the rest. Another portion will be reserved for collaborations and promotions, so the public will be able to buy much less than 2000 NFTs.

Get a chance for a free NFT for the Ambire community

Cryptotesters - Ambire NFT

We at Ambire have always been open to support progressive communities, working together to improve Web3 and onboard the next billion users. That being said, taking part in the drop was a no-brainer.

We decided to support the Cryptotesters by purchasing 10 NFTs. Some of the NFTs will be kept at the Ambire treasury, as we bet that the Cryptotesters community is positioned to become even bigger in the future.

However, to reward our community members, we would like to gift some of the NFTs to active members of the Ambire community. We will be announcing the exact mechanics and allocation soon, so you better keep an eye on our X (Twitter) and Discord channels in the upcoming weeks — that’s all we can say for now…😏

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