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Web3 on Fire: The Future of Work and Funding Public Goods

Join us as we delve into the world of Gitcoin and DeFi with Megan Lister, exploring the future of decentralized work, the power of Quadratic Funding, and the potential of DeFi to reshape finance.

Web3 on Fire: The Future of Work and Funding Public Goods
Web3 on Fire, Episode 3 - The Future of Work and Funding Public Goods

In the third episode of our enlightening "Web3 on Fire" podcast series, we had the pleasure of hosting Meg Lister, the Product Lead at Gitcoin. Meg shared her insights on the evolving landscape of Web3, the role of Gitcoin in this ecosystem, the future of decentralized work, and the potential of DeFi.

Listen to the episode below:

Gitcoin: A Platform for Open-Source Sustainability

Gitcoin is a platform that leverages the power of Web3 to create a more sustainable and scalable ecosystem for open-source software. As Meg explained, Gitcoin is not just a platform but a community that is committed to building and funding the open web. It's a place where developers can find work on open-source projects and get paid in crypto, fostering a decentralized work environment. On top of the ability to find grants, their new Allo protocol is powering their Grant Stack platform, which allows anyone to create their own Quadratic Funding program.

The Power of Quadratic Funding

One of the key topics discussed was Quadratic Funding, a democratic funding mechanism that Gitcoin uses to allocate funds to open-source projects. Meg highlighted that this model allows even the smallest contributor to have a significant impact. It's a way to democratize the funding process and give everyone a voice, regardless of the size of their contribution.

The Future of Work is Decentralized

Meg also shared her thoughts on the future of work. She believes the future is decentralized, with more people working remotely and getting paid in crypto. This not only provides flexibility but also opens up opportunities for people around the world who might not have access to traditional job markets.

The Potential of DeFi

The conversation also delved into the potential of DeFi. Meg and the host envisioned a world where DeFi could become the primary financial system, replacing traditional banking. However, they acknowledged that significant challenges need to be overcome for this to happen, such as regulatory issues and the need for more user-friendly interfaces. They also touched on the role of centralized exchanges in the DeFi space and the importance of community in DeFi projects.

Gitcoin's Role in the Web3 Ecosystem

Gitcoin plays a crucial role in the Web3 ecosystem. It's not just about funding projects; it's about building a community and fostering collaboration. Meg emphasized that Gitcoin is here to support the builders of the open web and help them succeed.


Our conversation with Meg Lister was a deep dive into the world of Gitcoin, DeFi, and the broader Web3 ecosystem. As we continue to explore the potential of Web3, platforms like Gitcoin are paving the way for a more open, decentralized, and inclusive future.

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