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The Ambire Guide to Arbitrum Odyssey

Dive into the Arbitrum Odyssey with Ambire. Learn how to interact with different projects on the Arbitrum network and win exclusive NFTs.

The Ambire Guide to Arbitrum Odyssey

A crypto user’s handbook for exploring the Arbitrum ecosystem and winning exclusive NFTs

Hey there, Ambire fam 👋

We’re launching a mini-series that will guide you in adding Arbitrum-exclusive NFTs to your crypto bags through one of the most exciting events of the season. Today’s piece is just the intro, more will follow.

See how this lore goes👇

So, what’s the spiel?

L2 chain Arbitrum is one of the most active in the Web3 space, seeing lots of traction in the last months. In April, they announced Arbitrum Odyssey, a multi-round event that will see the airdrop of exclusive Arbitrum NFTs and last for a few months — hence the befitting name 😆

The art created for the event is signed by crypto-artists Ratwell and Sugo, and created in collaboration with Project Galaxy.

During the event, participants will have to interact with 14 different projects on the Arbitrum network, which were selected in multiple voting rounds by the community during several weeks in April and May. The completion of certain tasks will be rewarded with NFTs. When the event ends, the participants who collected a minimum of 12 NFTs out of 15 will receive the last remaining, most-precious ones.

The final event rules will be known in mid-June (TBA) when the Arbitrum Odyssey is set to start, but the one prerequisite announced is simply being a network user.

What next?

There are 8 themed weeks announced already for the event calendar, in which participants will have to interact with the projects assigned:

Week 1: Bridge Week
Week 2: Yield Protocol and Hashflow
Week 3: Aboard Exchange and TofuNFT
Week 4: Uniswap and Apex
Week 5: 1inch and Izumi/Yin Finance
Week 6: Dodo and Swapr
Week 7: TreasureDAO and Battlefly
Week 8: Ideamarket and Sushi

We’ll make sure you swiftly interact on Arbitrum with different required apps or protocols during the event, straight from Ambire Wallet: we’ll send you news as rules are released, offer step-by-step guides, tutorials and support. Basically, we’ll help you qualify for one of the coveted NFTs.

That’s it for now, stay close for the next part of the series, and as always… keep the flame on 🔥🔥🔥

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