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Ambire Integrates Arbitrum Chain

Unveil the benefits of Ambire Wallet's Arbitrum integration, focusing on enhanced scalability and transaction speed in decentralized networks.

Ambire Integrates Arbitrum Chain

High speeds & low fees: navigate multiple L2 networks with Ambire Wallet

Moving fast and making awesome things — that’s how Ambire rolls: our dev team just released Ambire Wallet’s newest integration, the Arbitrum layer 2 (L2) blockchain. This ups our total to 11 supported networks, making Ambire one of the most adaptable and overarching EVM smart wallets.

While Ethereum is still postponing The Merge, it seems L2 scaling solutions are going to dominate 2022, continuing to provide the speed and affordability crypto users demand.

Arbitrum at a glance

The Arbitrum network is today one of the top layer 2 Ethereum solutions. It quickly gained massive usage since its September 2021 launch and managed to total over $2 billion worth of crypto in its smart contracts at the end of last month.

Powered by Offchain Labs, Arbitrum is an optimistic roll-up scaling solution that aims to speed up transaction times and cut fee costs. It has already been integrated into several big DeFi protocols like SushiSwap, Curve or Abracadabra.

Meanwhile, we see the network registering sweet numbers for your crypto sweet tooth 🍭: while the Ethereum mainnet manages a shy 14 transactions per second right now (using PoW consensus mechanism), Arbitrum races at 40,000 TPS; operations cost just a few cents to be executed on Arbitrum, compared to sometimes even tens of dollars on Ethereum.

Using Arbitrum with Ambire Wallet

Just as with any other network, engaging with Arbitrum and managing assets is super-easy from Ambire Wallet. You only need to make sure the right chain is selected from the dedicated menu:

A screenshot of the Ambire Wallet network picker and an arrow pointing at Arbitrum

After that, you can seamlessly send or receive crypto, swap assets, or make cross-chain operations right from your Ambire Dashboard.

That’s all there is to it, now you’re free to explore and make the best of Web3 through Ambire Wallet ⚡️really fast ⚡️and cost-friendly 💸💸💸

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