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Stop Early User Incentives for Ambire Web and Mobile Wallets

Ambire Wallet is preparing for the public launch of the browser extension and proposes to shift early user incentives from web and mobile wallets to the extension. This vote, open to xWALLET token holders, will determine the direction of user rewards.

Ambire governance vote on the future of early user incentives
Ambire is asking its community about the future of early user incentives

Big things are on the horizon for Ambire Wallet! We're gearing up for our browser extension's highly anticipated public launch, which is currently in private beta testing. So far, it has received rave reviews, and we’re excited to release it to a wider audience. We believe it’s the game-changing hybrid Account abstraction wallet for Web3, bridging the gap between EOAs (Basic Accounts) and Smart Accounts and significantly improving user experience.

To ensure the success of this exciting launch campaign, we propose to halt early user incentive rewards for web and mobile wallets and shift them to extension adopters. So far, we have distributed over 155 million $WALLET tokens to our users, leaving us with 145 million to give away.

Proposal motivation

The reasons behind the decision to shift the user rewards to the extension are:

  • Focus on the extension: Directing our efforts and resources towards the extension as the flagship product.
  • Reserve rewards for extension launch: Saving more rewards for an impactful extension launch campaign.
  • Incentivize migration: Encouraging existing Ambire and other wallet users to adopt the extension.

While we see the extension as Ambire's future, we remain committed to developing the mobile app and plan to upgrade it soon.

This vote will not affect the staking rewards, and users will continue to receive them as before.

Voting options

The community will decide on the proposal: Should we stop early user incentives for Ambire’s web and mobile wallets in favor of the extension?

  • Yes: Stop user early user incentives for web and mobile wallets
  • No: Continue the early user incentives as they currently are

Voting Eligibility

Anyone holding xWALLET tokens before the Jun 27, 2024 snapshot at 14:00 UTC will be eligible to participate in this governance vote. Please note that users who stake tokens after the snapshot cannot participate.


The voting period opens on Wednesday, Jun 27, 2024, at 14:00 UTC and will continue for 10 days, concluding on Sunday, Jul 7, 2024, at 14:00 UTC.

Voting Process

Here’s how you can submit your vote:

  1. Visit the proposal page on Snapshot.
  2. Connect your crypto wallet holding xWALLET tokens.
  3. Choose between "Yes" or "No" to halt early user incentives for web and mobile wallets.

Your participation in Ambire governance helps shape the future of our platform and strengthens our commitment to decentralization and community-led development. Have ideas or feedback? Visit our Forum and contribute your vision for Ambire's next steps, or give us feedback on this proposal on Discord or Telegram.

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