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Pay for Gas with WALLET and xWALLET on Ambire

Users can now pay for gas fees using WALLET and xWALLET tokens, adding more transactional flexibility on the Ethereum network.

Pay for Gas with WALLET and xWALLET on Ambire

Our native and staking tokens are now available as a gas payment currency

One of the innovations that Ambire Wallet brings to the table is the possibility to pay for gas in tokens other than the native crypto of the particular network. This is possible because Ambire is a smart wallet — i.e. every Ambire Wallet account is its own smart wallet.

Up until now, wallet users were able to use selected stablecoins for their transaction fees. As of now, they can also pay for gas in WALLET and xWALLET tokens on the Ethereum network.

How to pay for gas in WALLET or xWALLET

When you initiate a transaction, you have a drop-down menu for selecting the gas fee currency:

The Transaction page in Ambire Wallet with xWALLET selected for payment token

In that drop-down, you will only see currencies that you already have in your account balance. Then you simply select WALLET or xWALLET there, and that’s all!

Keep in mind that when you pay for gas in xWALLET, our staking token, your staking position is reduced by the amount of xWALLET the transaction costs.

What other tokens are supported for paying gas fees

On the Ethereum network, you can pay for gas in ETH, WALLET, xWALLET, USDC, USDT, DAI, BUSD, and WETH.

On Polygin, the choice is between MATIC, USDT, USDC and WMATIC.

If you are transacting on BSC, you have BNB and BUSD.

The gas fees tokens supported on Fantom are FTM, DAI, USDC and fUSDT, and on Avalanche — AVAX.

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