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New Terms for Earning $WALLET Rewards in Ambire Wallet

Updated terms focus on new minimum balance requirements for earning $WALLET rewards and their implications for users.

New Terms for Earning $WALLET Rewards in Ambire Wallet

Updated Balance Threshold for the Ambire User Rewards Distribution

We’ve got some important news: starting today, we are simplifying the mechanism for the Ambire $WALLET token rewards distribution. This will ensure you, our users, have a smoother process as you fill your Ambire bags.

What are the changes?

We are implementing a new minimum account balance requirement in order to earn $WALLET rewards. This means that in order to qualify for this continuous airdrop, you will need to maintain a balance of $1,000 or more in your Ambire Wallet.

The list of tokens eligible for earning these rewards is rather large — as long as you hold a total of $1,000 in any of the qualifying tokens, you will be participating in our reward program.

There is nothing that you should do on your end — the changes were automatically implemented with our latest update.

The minimum amount of accumulated $WALLET for claim will remain the same: 100 WALLET or more.

Why is this happening?

We are introducing this new threshold to ensure the long-term sustainability of the $WALLET rewards distribution. As you know, the amount set aside for these rewards is capped, therefore we are taking steps to make sure our most loyal users are rewarded for as long as possible.

I don’t keep $1,000 in Ambire Wallet — what should I do?

You can always top up your Ambire account by simply sending more tokens to it or purchasing crypto via one of our on-ramp partners: Kriptomat, Ramp Network, PayTrie or Transak.

Keep in mind that your xWALLET tokens are also eligible for rewards, so if you claim your $WALLET rewards in staked tokens, your balance will be increasing and so will be the rewards you’re earning.

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