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Ambire Releases Optimism L2 Chain Integration

Discover how Ambire Wallet's new integration with Optimism L2 Chain is set to revolutionize transaction efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the crypto space.

Ambire Releases Optimism L2 Chain Integration

Dive into the Optimism Ecosystem with Ambire Wallet

This week it’s a Layer 2 solution that we are adding for you to explore and seize: our dev team just released the integration with the Optimism blockchain.

The launch ups our total to 10 supported networks on Ambire Wallet and counting… 😄

Optimistic on Optimism

Released as a testnet back in 2019, Optimism’s alpha mainnet officially launched in early 2021. It is a layer 2 optimistic rollup, making good on its promise of lowering fees and improving speed compared to Ethereum mainnet.

Integrations with protocols such as Uniswap and Synthetix have saved users over $1B in fees to date.

Optimism recently announced the launch of The Optimism Collective, a vision and plan for a sustainable and abundant future for the open internet. Optimism is both technologically and culturally aligned with Ethereum, having full EVM-equivalence and a commitment to fund public goods on Ethereum.

Using Optimism with Ambire Wallet

By now you already know that switching between different chains in Ambire Wallet is simple, just select Optimism through the network selector:

A screenshot showing the Optimism network on the network picker of the Ambire Wallet

After you choose the Optimism blockchain, you can simply connect to your Optimism Bridge account or other Optimism dApps through the WalletConnect feature:

A screenshot of the Ambire Wallet dashboard

That’s all there is to it: you’re ready to make the most of Optimism and its exploding ecosystem, going at high speeds and saving on fees straight from your Ambire account 🚀🚀🚀

Disclaimer: At the moment, due to technical limitations, NFTs can’t be displayed on your Ambire dashboard on the Optimism blockchain, with the exception of the upcoming Cryptotesters NFT drop that will take place on Optimism and be visible on Ambire (See the alpha here? More details on our Telegram).

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