Home Crypto Talks Gamification & Loyalty in Web3: with Phillip Reidy (Spartan), Mieszko Czyzyk (THX Network) and Vanina Ivanova (Ambire)

Gamification & Loyalty in Web3: with Phillip Reidy (Spartan), Mieszko Czyzyk (THX Network) and Vanina Ivanova (Ambire)

Episode 13 delves into gamification and loyalty in Web3, featuring Phillip Reidy from Spartan Protocol, Mieszko Czyzyk from THX Network, and Vanina Ivanova from Ambire.

Gamification & Loyalty in Web3: with Phillip Reidy (Spartan), Mieszko Czyzyk (THX Network) and Vanina Ivanova (Ambire)

Episode 13 of Ambire’s Twitter Spaces Looks at Loyalty Programmes and Gamification in the World of Crypto

📢 Gather ‘round, Ambire people, we’ve got a fresh one 📢

Yes, we’re still fired up 💥 and riding the Devcon wave 🏄 We touched on lots of interesting topics in Bogotá, but the buzz of ‘Gamification’ was impossible to ignore.

Which is why this week on our Twitter Spaces, we’re looking at what gamification can mean in the crypto world and how Web3 users can be hooked and converted into loyalists.

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A Game of Web3 and 🔥

Last week was our DevconVI Special Edition: hot takes and alphas straight from the Ambire cofounders, just back from Bogotá. It was a milestone event for Ambire and for smart wallets in general — listen to why in the episode’s recording.

This time around, we’re looking at how the EVM space can grow in the directions of gamification and loyalization, another topic inspired by our Devcon adventures.

As usual, Megan DeMatteo will be our space curator, while her guests this week are Phillip Reidy, Community Leader at Spartan Protocol, Mieszko Czyzyk, Founder & CEO at THX Network, as well as Ambire’s CMO Vanina Ivanova.

Phillip is a blockchain enthusiast with strong community growth and interactional skills. For the last two years, he has been helping Web3 projects in a team-driven approach, most notably in his double role as Chairman of the Board and Community Lead at Spartan Protocol. An open-source project, Spartan pairs a unique liquidity-sensitive AMM algorithm with the low gas fees & fast settlement on BNB Smart Chain to provide a range of open DeFi services. The protocol is built, maintained, and governed by the community.

Mieszko comes with solid product and data-driven marketing acumen. A serial software founder for more than a decade, he first heard the blockchain-siren-song 🧜‍♀️ in 2013 and remained active ever since, meanwhile creating THX Network: a robust tokenization API powered by the Ethereum blockchain and Polygon side-chain, offering easy and flexible app gamification to Web3 projects.

Vanina is closing on 20 years of marketing savoir-faire, so she’s a prime suspect for this episode’s guestlist 😎 Her experience spans from online gaming platforms to blockchain and crypto products, as she has been the market strategist and communication steward for Ambire since 2017.

With such a wealth of knowledge and experience between our guests, we’re bound to have a rich and powerful talk, so prep your 🎧 headphones and mark your 📆 calendars — hot one comin’ up 🔥🔥🔥

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