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Smart Wallet Season 2: Ivo Georgiev Discusses Ethereum and Stablecoins

In the latest episode of 'Smart Wallet', Ambire CEO Ivo Georgiev delves into the future of Ethereum and the role that stablecoins will play. Tune in for expert insights and discussions.

Smart Wallet Season 2: Ivo Georgiev Discusses Ethereum and Stablecoins

Episode 7 of Ambire Wallet’s Twitter Spaces brings an outlook on the Ethereum space and the role that stablecoins will play in its future

Listen to the recording for episode 7 here.

That’s right, Ambirers, our short break is over and we’re back with a new season of our ‘Smart Wallet’ series: new look, new guests, fresh topics and twice the laughs 😃

🗓 Mark your calendars once again, same day and time: Wednesdays, at 17:00 UTC, on Ambire’s Twitter Page. This week, on September 7th, our talk is on the future of Ethereum and the role that stablecoins will play in it:

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Meet Makers, Hear Insights, and Enjoy 🎉

The second part of our 2022 Twitter Spaces series is gonna be even more 🔥than the first, we’ve made sure of that 😏

It all starts this Wednesday, when the lovely Meg Dematteo reprises her role as host and curator of the space. She will share the mic 🎙 with resident guest Ivo Georgiev (Ambire CEO) and two crypto veterans that are part of the MakerDAO ecosystem: Frank and Pavel.

Frank Cruz (aka Flip Flop Flap) is a Recognized Delegate for MakerDAO and one of the top 10 MakerDAO voters for the better part of the last 3 years. In this time, he’s seen and voted over 150 times using his MKR tokens. Frank is extremely passionate about the project and believes in a fully decentralized DAO, composed of community members that are loyal, responsible, and innovative. His efforts, alongside those of the community, push towards making DAI the ultimate decentralized stablecoin.

Pavel will bring to the table his extensive DeFi background, as well as his valuable experience amongst DAO communities. He’s also a Recognised Delegate with MakerDAO, as well as a member of the Gro Protocol Treasury Management Committee. Previously, he served on the Tribe DAO (a.k.a. Fei DAO) Optimistic Approval Multisig Committee. In the off-chain world, Pavel has a background in machine learning and TradFi financial consulting.

🪄 Now… we’d say we’ve got the magic ingredients for a captivating talk. What do you think the Ethereum future will look like for stablecoins?

POAPs: ready & set 🫡

While you ponder that, rest assured that season two will keep the best things from our first one, but build better on 🔝

⭐️ We’ll continue to have POAPs, but make sure to listen for the secret key and be ready to jump and mint yours straight away — badge numbers are limited and in high demand (last time not everyone managed to get one) — it’s a first come, first served type of thing, so be quick on your fingers!

💸 Yupp, $WALLET prizes are still very much in the game, but this time we’re adding some new twists. Check our Discord servers and Telegram channels for all the details, we’ve got contests and activities for you to enjoy and win crypto in.

Last but not least, remember we’re making this for you, the Ambire community, so we definitely want your direct input: share your questions, concerns and even crazy ideas regarding this week’s subject. Either here in the comments section, on Discord or on Twitter, we’re happy to learn what and how you think.

✋ And remember, you can always join the talk directly in the space: just raise your hand and share your thoughts, and we’ll share back some Ambire 💜

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