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Web3 on Fire S01 On-chain Launch & Rehash JokeRace Contest

Experience 'Web3 on Fire' like never before: Own a piece of S01 through free mint and influence future episodes in our Rehash partnership.

JokeRace contest for season 2 and free mint on PODS.media
Web3 on Fire is available on-chain for collectors and JokerRace contest for season 2 guests

We’re thrilled to announce the on-chain launch of our "Web3 on Fire" Season 1 back catalog on PODS.media. In celebration of this milestone, we're offering an exclusive opportunity for our dedicated community: a free mint of our Season 1 episode featuring Ambire’s CEO, Ivo Georgiev. In partnership with Rehash, we're launching a JokeRace contest, presenting a unique chance for you to influence the "Web3 on Fire" future guest lineup. You can vote for the guests and topics you want to hear in Season 2, shaping the content to your interests and likings.

Free mint for our community

As a part of our launch, we're providing free mints of our back catalog available on PODS.media - Ambire Guild members are entitled to a free mint. This is your chance to collect and own a piece of the "Web3 on Fire" legacy. As a free public mint, we're also releasing S01E13 with our founder, Ivo Georgiev.

Why join us?

Minting our S01 catalog is just the beginning. Becoming a collector will unlock new avenues to engage with our platform and influence the future of "Web3 on Fire."

Here's what's in store for you:

Selecting new guests: Have a say in who you listen to next. Your voice can bring your favorite thought leaders onto our show.
Picking Topics: Influence the conversation. Suggest and vote on topics you're passionate about.
Exclusive Benefits: Enjoy direct interactions and other unique perks designed just for our community.

Here’s how to mint

It's easy to start your collection. Just follow this instructions:

  1. Visit our page on PODS.media.
  2. Connect your wallet by selecting ‘Connect Wallet’ in the upper right corner. Switch the network to Optimism.
  3. Select an episode you want to collect. For example, Episode 0x013. On the episode page, click ‘Collect’ and sign the transaction.

Congrats! You have collected the episode!

If you're using Warpcast, look for a special frame on our channel and mint from there. Keep an eye out for the pinned message for instructions.

A new collaboration: Rehash JokeRace contest

In an exciting partnership with Rehash, we're introducing a Jokerace contest to vote for nominated guests for Season 2 of "Web3 on Fire." This is your opportunity to help shape the future of our podcast.

Voting results for Season 07 of Rehash

The votes for Season 07 of Rehash have been tallied. We’re focusing on the top 10 nominees who didn't quite cut last time. This round, we're broadening our voting base to include eligible voters from previous Rehash seasons and the Ambire Wallet community, creating a larger pool of voters to select their favorite topics and guests.

Contest duration and votes

The contest will last for 7 days and feature a wide array of guests and topics available for voting. Cast your vote for your preferred guests, and the top 5 will be featured in an upcoming episode of the Ambire Wallet's “Web3 on Fire” podcast. Each qualified wallet can enter a maximum of 500 votes. Those votes can be spread across any number of submissions.

Join us now

This is more than a podcast; it's a movement. By engaging with our back catalog and participating in our community-driven initiatives, you're not just listening to a podcast but shaping the future of Web3 content.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity. Start minting, voting, and becoming a part of something bigger. We can't wait to see where you take "Web3 on Fire" next.

Subscribe to the podcast

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