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Web3 on Fire: GMX Redefining DeFi with Decentralized Perpetual Exchanges

In this special edition of Web3 on Fire, Rob and Jonezee delve deep into the heart of GMX's ecosystem, exploring its unique offerings, community-driven ethos, and its transformative impact on the DeFi space.

Web3 on Fire, a special episode with Jonezee from GMX.io
Web3 on Fire Special Episode: GMX Redefining DeFi with Decentralized Perpetual Exchanges

This episode of Web3 on Fire Podcast is a special one - it comes while Episode 2 of the Ambire DeFi Bull Camp, in which we explore perpetual swaps in partnership with GMX, is in full swing! Listen to the episode, and of course, don’t forget to participate in the DeFi Bull Camp for your chance to win a share of this week’s $1,000 prize pool!

In this limited edition episode, Ambire host Rob is joined by Jonezee, Communications Contributor for GMX, who shares insights into the journey of GMX, highlighting the platform's commitment to true decentralization, security, and innovation. From its inception to the launch of GMXV2, we uncover how GMX has continuously evolved, enhancing its infrastructure to offer seamless, efficient, and decentralized trading experiences.

Listen to the episode below:

Jonezee’s journey to GMX

Jonezee is a crypto veteran, having been in the space since 2017. He transitioned from leading a boutique communications agency to the dynamic world of cryptocurrency, driven by a fascination with GMX's core team and its long-term vision. About two years ago, he was captivated by GMX's commitment to community building, quality product development, and robust protocol testing. He proactively approached GMX, offering to enhance their communications strategy, aligning with his search for a project with a sober, professional ethos amidst the crypto hype, thus marking his entry into GMX.

What is GMX, and where is it headed

GMX has positioned itself at the forefront of decentralized finance (DeFi) innovation, redefining the landscape of perpetual exchanges with its pioneering multi-asset pool model. This approach, emphasizing democratization and decentralization, has propelled GMX into becoming a household name and laid the groundwork for an expansive DeFi ecosystem. The platform's integration with GLP (Global Liquidity Pool) has spurred a new sector in DeFi, enabling the creation of innovative protocols and products that leverage GMX's foundational layer.

As GMX embarks on its next chapter with GMX V2, we explore the new horizons this upgrade opens up for traders, liquidity providers, and developers alike. With improved order execution, lower fees, and a focus on scalability, GMX V2 represents a significant leap forward in on-chain trading. At the same time, it’s staying true to GMX's mission of providing a decentralized, user-centric platform that bridges the gap between traditional finance and the burgeoning world of DeFi.

Join us as we celebrate the achievements of GMX and look forward to its future developments, reinforcing its status as a key player in the DeFi ecosystem and a beacon of innovation in the decentralized world.

Ambire & GMX's DeFi Bull Camp Episode 2

In the second episode of the Ambire DeFi Bull Camp, running until Sunday, Feb 11th, 2024, you can still win a share of the weekly prize pool of $1,000!

Ambire Wallet has partnered with GMX, offering a dive into perpetual swap contracts and a chance to win big.

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