Reasons my ads are not running

In this tutorial for advertisers we list the most common reasons why ads may not be running on the platform and share tips how to avoid…

Reasons my ads are not running

In this tutorial for advertisers we list the most common reasons why ads may not be running on the platform and share tips how to avoid them

So you have logged on the AdEx Platform and created an ad campaign, but few hours later you see that 0% of the campaign have been distributed. Or perhaps, after few days the campaign is stuck at some %. Let’s explore few possible reasons for that:

The campaign’s schedule is not accurate.

Let’s look at this example: You start a campaign, duration is one week, but distribution is slow because of low CPM or specific targeting. By the end of the week you have only 30% or 40% of your ads distributed, but the campaign will end due to the time limit you set. You should see “Expired” under status.

What to do? Just start another campaign with your remaining funds.

This ad expired by the time 77% of the impressions were distributed.

Your targeting is too specific or can’t match available publishers

Ok, sorry, we probably can’t reach males living on the Faroe Islands, interested in agritourism…

We always want to reach the ideal customer, but sometimes there might not be supply matching your desired targeting parameters.

Tip: If your targeting is too specific, leave it as it is, but don’t check the “Only show ads if targeting matches” checkbox when starting the campaign — the system will look for your desired targeting, but will show the ads anyway. Better show the ads to a wider audience, than not show them at all, right?

This option is unticked by default. If you want to be sure your ads will be distributed, leave it so.

There is no supply for your desired ad format

Yes, AdEx does currently support 18 ad types. No, unfortunately we still don’t have supply for all of them. Sometimes you may try to run a specific ad format but after few days although the status of your campaign is “Active”, 0% are distributed.

What to do? Cancel the campaign and try a more standard ad size.

Pro tip: To see current supply formats, go to

You don’t have enough balance on your identity or CPM is higher than deposit

This one is straightforward. When creating a campaign, if your funds are not enough or you try to set a bid higher than the deposit amount, the platform won’t let you run the campaign.

There’s an error message in red

Blue screen of death, is that you?

When you see an error box on bottle middle part of the screen, it’s most likely a bug. Make sure to inform us as fast as you can — email your point of contact.

Pro tip: To help us resolve the bug, try to recreate the actions before you saw the error message and try to screenshot the message. When reporting the error, please try to list the actions you did that led to the error and tell us on what OS and browser you are running the AdEx Platform.

Nothing from the above mentioned, but still doesn’t work

Sometimes ads might just not run, without error messages popping or anything breaking. As before, please make sure to inform your point of contact at AdEx on the problem and give us as much information as possible about your problem.

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