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Web3 on Fire: Making Web3 Safe and Accessible to Everyone

Ivo Georgiev of Ambire delves into creating user-friendly crypto wallets, the innovative approach of the Wallet DAO, and the transformative role of AdEx in the decentralized AdTech world.

Web on Fire episode 13 with guest Ivo Georgiev, co-founder of Ambire Wallet, AdEx and Stremio
Web3 on Fire, Episode 13 - Making Web3 Safe and Accessible to Everyone

In the 13th episode of "Web3 on Fire", we are joined by Ivo Georgiev, CEO and Co-Founder of Ambire, who shares his journey in the world of programming and crypto. This episode delves into the challenges of building user-friendly wallets, the importance of decentralization, crypto self-custody, and the vision for the Wallet DAO.

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Ivo Georgiev's entrepreneurial journey and entry into crypto

Ivo's path in tech entrepreneurship began with a strong foundation in programming. His early ventures included the creation of Stremio, a media center focused on delivering an exceptional user experience. This project laid the groundwork for his understanding of user-centric design, a principle that would later become crucial in his crypto ventures.

The transition to the crypto space was marked by the founding of AdEx, a decentralized advertising network. Born out of a need for data transparency in AdTech, AdEx tackled the challenges of privacy and user control in the digital advertising space. Ivo's experiences with AdEx revealed the complexities and potential of blockchain technology, sparking his interest in broader applications within the crypto ecosystem.

Recognizing the need for more user-friendly tools in the crypto world, Ivo co-founded Ambire Wallet. The wallet was designed to address the barriers to entry for new users in the crypto space, focusing on simplifying transactions while ensuring robust security and self-custody.

Building user-friendly wallets

The journey to create user-friendly wallets is fraught with complexities. Ivo emphasizes the delicate balance between ensuring robust security and offering an intuitive user experience. He discusses the challenges in simplifying the intricacies of the blockchain for the average user, highlighting the need for seamless onboarding processes and clear, understandable interfaces. The goal, as Ivo points out, is to make crypto transactions as straightforward as traditional banking, thereby reducing barriers to entry and fostering wider adoption.

In this pursuit, Ambire Wallet prioritizes decentralization and self-custody, ensuring users have complete control over their finances. Ivo stresses the importance of these principles in the crypto space, where user autonomy and security are paramount.

Vision for the Wallet DAO

Ivo shares the ambitious vision behind the Wallet DAO, a concept that stands at the intersection of technology and community. The idea is to create a wallet that is not just a tool but a community-driven ecosystem. In this ecosystem, users are also contributors, shaping the wallet's future through their feedback and involvement. The vision extends to incentivizing developers to build on the platform, fostering an environment of innovation and collaboration.

Ambire Wallet's future plans for 2024

Looking ahead to 2024, Ivo outlines the ambitious roadmap for Ambire Wallet, marked by significant enhancements and new features. Central to these plans is the launch of a browser extension. It aims to simplify the crypto experience, making it as accessible and intuitive as using a standard web browser. The focus is on reducing friction in crypto transactions and ensuring that users can engage with Web3 effortlessly.

Additionally, Ambire Wallet is set to expand its capabilities by introducing support for multiple account types. This development is geared towards catering to a diverse range of user needs, from novice crypto enthusiasts to experienced traders and investors. By accommodating various account types, Ambire Wallet is positioning itself as a versatile and inclusive platform capable of serving the broad spectrum of the crypto community.

Relaunch of AdEx and bridging decentralized with traditional AdTech

The relaunch of AdEx marks a significant milestone in bridging the gap between decentralized and traditional advertising technologies. Ivo discusses the evolution of AdEx, focusing on its role in the decentralized AdTech world. The platform is designed to bring transparency and efficiency to advertising, leveraging blockchain technology to ensure real-time payments to publishers. This relaunch signifies a major step towards integrating the benefits of decentralized systems with the established practices of traditional advertising, potentially transforming the AdTech industry.

AdEx ZK: Targeting users without data collection

AdEx ZK represents a groundbreaking innovation in privacy-focused advertising. Ivo introduces this novel approach, which allows for the behavioral targeting of users without collecting personal data. This technology aligns with the growing demand for privacy and data protection, offering a solution that respects user privacy while still delivering effective advertising.

Final thoughts

In his concluding remarks, Ivo reflects on the broader implications of Ambire Wallet's developments and the future of the crypto industry. He emphasizes the importance of community involvement in shaping the future of crypto and blockchain technologies. Ivo's vision for Ambire Wallet is not just about technological advancements but also about fostering a community-driven ecosystem where users play a pivotal role in guiding the platform's evolution.

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