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Ambire Governance Vote: Allocate $WALLET Tokens for RPC Payment

Ambire's community is invited to participate in the next governance vote: whether or not to allocate $WALLET tokens for RPC remuneration.

Ambire holds a governance vote to allocate WALLET tokens for RPC remuneration
Ambire's community is facing another governance vote

In December 2023, Ambire Wallet launched a Request For Proposal (RFP) to secure new, enduring partnerships with infrastructure providers for blockchain accesses (known as RPCs). The request targeted 17 potential providers, eliciting 13 detailed proposals in response. We aim to forge a lasting relationship with an RPC provider, incorporating a payment model that includes a portion of the annual fee payable in $WALLET tokens. The goal of the proposed payment model is to align incentives.

For the upcoming 12 months, we propose allocating a percentage of the total $WALLET token supply from the DAO's reserves as part of our compensation plan to the selected RPC provider. This strategy further highlights our dedication to nurturing a sustainable partnership while capitalizing on the $WALLET token ecosystem to create an advantageous framework for all parties involved.

The exact payment model will be negotiated with the RPC provider selected by the Ambire Wallet team. Whether or not the provider agrees to such a model will undoubtedly influence the selection process. However, if no provider agrees to such a model (unlikely, given the current talks with potential partners), we will return the allocation to the DAO.

The voting options

Stakeholders are presented with three options to choose from:

  • Allocate 0.2% of the total $WALLET token supply (equivalent to 2mio. $WALLET) as compensation for the selected RPC
  • Allocate 0.1% of the total $WALLET token supply (equivalent to 1mio. $WALLET) as compensation for the selected RPC
  • No $WALLET tokens are to be allocated as compensation for the selected RPC

Who is eligible to vote

All holders of xWALLET tokens (tokens received for staking $WALLET) are eligible to participate in this vote - we invite all stakeholders to vote!

When does the vote take place

Voting will last for 2 weeks, and it will take place between Thursday, March 7th, 2024, and Thursday, March 21st, 2024. Token holders are encouraged to review the proposal's details and participate in the governance process!

How to vote

To cast your vote, follow the 'Vote now" button below. You will have to connect your wallet where you hold your xWALLET tokens and select one of three choices from the proposal.

Do you have improvement proposals for Ambire? Visit our Forum and add your idea for the community to vote on next.

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