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Ambire Governance Vote: Bridge $WALLET to Optimism or Base

Ambire invites its community to shape the ecosystem's future by deciding whether to bridge $WALLET tokens to a Layer 2, Optimism, or Base.

Bridge the $WALLET token proposal to Optimism or Base
Ambire is asking the community to vote on bridging the $WALLET token to Optimism or Base

As the Ambire Wallet community grows, so does the demand for trading and acquisition opportunities for our native $WALLET token. Recognizing the potential to enhance our ecosystem, we propose an exciting new direction for our next governance vote: introducing $WALLET to Layer 2 solution, specifically Optimism or Base.

Proposal overview

This governance proposal seeks to mint 10 million $WALLET tokens to establish a $WALLET/$ETH liquidity pool position on Uniswap V3 on Optimism or Base.

The three voting options are as follows:

  • Mint and bridge 10M $WALLET on Optimism
  • Mint and bridge 10M $WALLET on Base
  • Don’t bridge $WALLET

If the community supports the bridging proposal, the token will be added to the Superchain token list and bridged via the Optimism Bridge or Base Bridge.

Voting eligibility

All holders of xWALLET tokens are eligible to participate in this crucial vote. We encourage every stakeholder to review the proposal's specifics and engage in shaping the future of Ambire Wallet.


The voting window opens today and lasts two weeks between Thursday, April 4, 2024, and Thursday, April 18, 2024.

Voting process

The voting process mirrors our previous governance votes and is pretty straightforward. Here’s how you can cast your vote:

  1. Visit the proposal page on Snapshot.
  2. Connect your crypto wallet holding xWALLET tokens.
  3. Choose between one of three options.

Your voice matters in guiding Ambire Wallet and the $WALLET ecosystem's direction. Review the details, weigh the options, and let your vote shape our collective future.

Do you have ideas or feedback? Visit our Forum and contribute your vision for Ambire's next steps, or give us suggestions/feedback on this proposal.

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