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The Future of Decentralized Art & AI with BottoDAO

Simon Hudson unveils BottoDAO: a pioneering platform at the nexus of AI-generated art and collaborative governance.

Web on Fire episode 14 with guest Simon Hudson from BottoDAO
Web3 on Fire, Episode 14 - The Future of Decentralized Art & AI with BottoDAO

In the first episode of "Web3 on Fire," Season 2, launched in collaboration with PODS.media, we dive into the fascinating intersection of art, technology, and decentralized governance with Simon Hudson, a visionary at the helm of BottoDAO. This episode marks the beginning of a new chapter for the podcast. It introduces listeners to the pioneering project BottoDAO, where digital art creation meets Artificial Intelligence (AI) and community-driven decision-making.

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Simon Hudson: The path to innovation

Simon Hudson's journey into crypto and AI is as intriguing as diverse. With a background in business and economics, his career took a pivotal turn when he began exploring artificial intelligence, eventually leading him to Montreal's vibrant AI research community. His work at Element AI under the guidance of Yoshua Bengio, a leader in deep learning, laid the foundation for his deep interest in AI governance and the ethical considerations surrounding emerging technologies. Simon's transition into the Web3 space was driven by a fascination with Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) and the potential for new forms of social coordination they offer.

BottoDAO: A new genre of artist

BottoDAO represents a novel concept in art: a decentralized autonomous artist powered by AI. Governed by its community through BottoDAO, Botto challenges traditional notions of creativity and authorship. Simon passionately describes Botto as an entity that creates digital artworks through a complex art engine, with its creative process and decision-making framework being both decentralized and autonomous. This innovative approach allows the community to influence the art Botto produces directly, embodying the principles of decentralization at the core of the crypto movement.

The creative process of Botto

The art creation process behind Botto is a testament to the power of AI and community engagement. Simon details how Botto generates thousands of images weekly, which are then curated by the community through a voting process. This closed-loop system, where the community's preferences shape Botto's artistic evolution, exemplifies the unique blend of technology and human interaction at the heart of BottoDAO's mission.

Community engagement and governance

Central to BottoDAO's success is the active involvement of its community in governance decisions. Our guest emphasizes the importance of this community engagement, highlighting how it allows for a democratic approach to decision-making within the DAO. This model empowers members and ensures that Botto remains a true reflection of its community's collective vision.

Technological evolution and future directions

Looking ahead, Simon shares his excitement for the future of Botto, noting the potential for expanding into new mediums and further enhancing Botto's autonomy. The evolution from Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) to diffusion models marks a significant technological milestone for Botto, promising even greater creative possibilities and a deeper exploration of AI's role in art.

Challenges and ethical considerations

Navigating the ethical landscape of AI in art, Botto’s founder reflects on the challenges of governing AI systems and the balance between decentralization and centralization. These considerations are crucial for ensuring that BottoDAO remains a responsible and innovative force in the intersection of art and technology.

Engagement and expansion: Looking ahead

As BottoDAO continues to grow, Simon highlights the importance of engaging with the community and exploring new partnerships to expand Botto's reach. The collaboration with Rehash for the Jokerace contest is just one example of BottoDAO inviting the community to shape the project's future.


Simon Hudson's insights into BottoDAO offer a compelling glimpse into the future of art, technology, and decentralized governance. As "Web3 on Fire" embarks on its second season, episodes like this promise to ignite conversations and inspire listeners to explore the ever-evolving landscape of Web3.

We encourage you to engage with the revolutionary world of BottoDAO and become a part of its vibrant community. Visit Botto's website, follow the project on X (Twitter), and participate in the ongoing dialogue about the future of art and technology. If you like the episode, you can collect it on PODS.media.

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