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Exploring Blockchain and Folklore in Web3 with Kairon

In episode 21 of W3OF, Kairon discusses his shift from e-commerce to blockchain, emphasizing community building in Web3 and the potential of protocols to shape digital identity and folklore.

Web3 on Fire episode 21 with Kairon
Web3 on Fire, Episode 21 - Exploring Blockchain and Folklore in Web3 with Kairon

In episode 21 of "Web3 on Fire," we delve into the intriguing intersection of blockchain technology and folklore with Kairon, an influential digital marketing and e-commerce figure who has made significant strides into the crypto and Web3 domains. This episode explores Kairon's transition from a traditional tech background to the forefront of blockchain innovation, highlighting key areas such as the impact of smart contracts, the cultural significance of folklore in technology, and the critical aspects of community building within decentralized platforms.

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Kairon's journey into crypto

Kairon's entry into the crypto and Web3 sectors was fueled by his extensive experience in e-commerce and digital marketing. His journey, which began during the transformative period of late 2020, was marked by an interest in the rapidly evolving landscape of smart contracts and collaborative protocols. This shift towards a more participatory role in the burgeoning crypto environment coincided with significant developments in decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The role of folklore and writing

Kairon's affiliation with folklore emerged not as a core member but as a collaborative contributor, reflecting his broader engagement with narrative construction within Web3. His writing journey on platforms like Mirror, where he started his publication, explores the potential societal impacts of blockchain technology. This involvement provides a backdrop to his exploration of digital identities and the preservation of cultural narratives through decentralized platforms.

Blockchain and schema

One of the key discussions Kairon engages in revolves around the concept of 'schema'—a system for tagging and organizing data that enhances traceability and reliability within blockchain networks. He argues that blockchain technology offers superior data management solutions compared to traditional systems provided by major tech companies, enabling clearer control and long-term traceability of information.

Web3 and community building

Kairon delves into the cyclic nature of Web3's evolution, highlighting how the ecosystem oscillates between convergence and fragmentation. He notes the critical role of community building in sustaining existing projects and fostering the development of new initiatives within this fragmented landscape. This discussion extends to the impact of decentralized protocols in maintaining a cohesive yet diverse platform ecosystem.

Retail adoption and future perspectives

The conversation extends into the practical applications of Web3 technologies in retail and beyond. Kairon discusses the ongoing shift towards products designed for lifelong use and the development of circular marketplaces, which leverage blockchain for enhanced sustainability and consumer engagement.

Devices as co-creations

Exploring the intersection of technology and user engagement, Kairon discusses devices like Flipper Zero, which are designed for user customization. This segment underscores the potential of Web3 technologies to transform conventional consumer electronics into platforms for personal expression and technical creativity.

Privacy and security in blockchain

Addressing the critical issues of privacy and security within blockchain applications, Kairon advocates for using advanced cryptographic solutions like zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs). These technologies are crucial for enhancing privacy without sacrificing the functionality of blockchain networks.


Kairon encourages active engagement with his writings and the broader discourse around blockchain's potential. He welcomes diverse perspectives and dialogues that challenge conventional views, emphasizing the transformative impact of blockchain across various sectors.

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