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Bridging Blockchain and Reality with July from Faust

Join July from Faust as he discusses the ROC device's role in notarizing reality, aiming to seamlessly integrate blockchain technology with the physical world for decentralized applications.

Web3 on Fire episode 18 with July from Faust
Web3 on Fire, Episode 18 - Bridging Blockchain & Reality with July from Faust

Welcome to episode 18 of “Web3 on Fire”, where host Rob engages in an enlightening discussion with July from Faust. In this episode, we explore Faust's pioneering effort to integrate blockchain technology with the physical world through their innovative device, the Reality Oracle Computer (ROC). Join us as July reveals how this technology connects these realms and paves the way for a future where decentralized physical AGI is foundational to our technological interactions.

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Background of July

July brings rich cultural and professional experiences, having lived across Japan, the Netherlands, the UK, and the US. This diverse background has nurtured a deep passion for technology and innovation, particularly at the intersection of hardware and software. In the podcast, he details his journey from an art-infused upbringing into the technological sphere, where his interest gravitated toward the possibilities within robotics and blockchain technology. His unique perspective drives Faust as he aims to meld the physical and digital worlds in groundbreaking ways.

Challenges and technological advancements

July discusses the technological complexities inherent in integrating hardware with blockchain technology, emphasizing the difficulty of creating reliable systems that operate seamlessly between digital and physical realms. He highlights the importance of creating durable, efficient systems that can handle real-world applications and data securely and effectively, reflecting Faust's commitment to overcoming these challenges with innovative solutions.

Prospects and philosophy

In the future, July sees significant potential for robotics and AI to intersect more deeply with blockchain, creating autonomous systems with their identities and economic capabilities. He advocates for a decentralized approach to robotics to avoid monopolistic control by large corporations, emphasizing the importance of community and open-source development in driving ethical, inclusive innovations.

Philosophical implications of Faust's technology

July reflects on the broader philosophical implications of Faust's technology, considering the potential for robots and AI to become integral parts of our social and economic infrastructures. He discusses the importance of building trust between humans and machines, envisioning a future where technology supports enhanced human experiences and capabilities rather than replacing human roles.


The conversation with July wraps up with a comprehensive view of the challenges and potentials that Faust's technology could bring to industries and daily life. They discuss the importance of decentralization in robotics and how it could transform the relationship between humans and machines, fostering trust and collaboration. The talk excites listeners about the future possibilities of integrating blockchain with the physical world, emphasizing that Faust is at the forefront of this innovative frontier.

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