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Ambire Wallet's 2023 Roadmap: What to Expect

In a dynamic builder space but a trying bear market, we must adapt as a crypto tech innovator while continuing to lead by doing the good work: building the vision.

Ambire Wallet's 2023 Roadmap: What to Expect

Much was built, much more to go: Ambire releases on this year’s radar

How it’s been: busy & entertaining

2022 was year 1 for Ambire Wallet: 90,000 registered wallets and $50 Million TVL on wallet accounts. It also saw the launch of the native governance and fee token, $WALLET, with a continuous airdrop model that rewards users for simply keeping funds on their Ambire Wallet.

Some highlights from the many product improvements we rolled out:

  • NFT dashboard
  • Built-in cross-chain transfers thanks to Socket
  • Multiple new EVM networks, including Moonbeam, Moonriver, Arbitrum, Optimism, Metis, Gnosis Chain
  • Multiple new on- and off-ramps, including Kriptomat, Guardarian, Transak and others
  • Asset migration: with a couple of clicks, you can safely move assets from your EOA wallet to your smart contract wallet account on Ambire
  • The Gas Tank: a feature that allows users to pre-pay fees to the relayer, significantly saving on costs: instead of paying network fees for each transaction, you just pay once
  • [sleek new] Design release
  • dApp Catalog —  the doorway to navigate web3 dApps safely (diminishing the risk of phishing attacks), straight from the Ambire dashboard

In the past months, the team went to ETHAmsterdam, Dappcon and Devcon Bogota (among other events), showcasing Ambire features enabled by account abstraction — account recovery, creating a self-custodial account with email/password, paying gas in stablecoins, batching transactions—  and amazing people, almost as much as our swag. Our game ‘Paper Hands’ still brings laughs in 2023:

In 2022 Ambire devs also released the signature-validator, which debuted at Devcon and was successfully integrated by the Guild.xyz team: an NPM library allowing developers of dApps or web3-enabled apps to verify signatures from any type of wallet, including smart contract ones.

The Ambire Wallet mobile app is another 2022 project, having been in private testing since fall. We know it’s long anticipated, let’s see more 👇

Where it’s going: roam free on web3

In a dynamic builder space but a trying bear market, as a cryptotech innovator we must adapt and stay quick on our feet, while continuing to lead by doing the good work: building the vision.

Ambire Wallet 2023 roadmap

Ambire Mobile app for iOS and Android

Our plan is for the mobile app to have almost complete feature parity with the web version,  enabling easy import and manage of multiple accounts:

Three screenshots of the Ambire Wallet mobile app next to each other
Dashboard, Deposit tab and Gas Tank tab on the Ambire mobile app

We’re entertaining 3 to 6 months until release day.

Browser Extension

Having a web version and being able to seamlessly onboard is amazing, but we’re also working on a browser extension which will be better suited for current power users and future mass adoption. Some of its strong features:

  • Ability to connect to any dApp that supports Metamask, without WalletConnect
  • Ability to import private keys from other wallets (a highly requested feature in our community); note that Ambire Wallet accounts will still have a different address even if they’re derived from the same private key, however migrating funds from an EOA wallet to the smart contract wallet created by Ambire will be frictionless, without a need for browser extensions.

Ambire Login SDK

Onboarding users in mere seconds, without asking them to write down a seed phrase or install an extension and using only email & password, is simply magical — and that’s Ambire 🪄. We can boldly state that it’s one of the quickest ways to get on-boarded into the web3 world. And without a doubt, the only one that is still truly self-custodial.

During the last months, we came up with a way to enable web3 applications themselves to integrate this onboarding flow: we call it the ‘Ambire Login SDK’ — soon at a retailer near you in the metaverse 😆

Seriously though, using a really well built and easy to integrate SDK,, dApp developers will be able to allow any user to create their first self-custodial wallet with only an email address and a password.


The DAO is being progressively rolled out: in 2022, the governance token $WALLET was launched and used to vote for several governance proposals; in 2023, we are planning to share the curation of product development, opening-up the flows and doubling-down on blockchain true principles. Ambire will initiate a grants programme for its ecosystem.

As usual, we encourage the exchange of ideas (and memes 😄), so do share your thoughts on what you’d want to see happening with Ambire this year: jump on our Discord or X (Twitter) and let us know how you see the future of the universal web3 wallet.  


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