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Ambire Wallet Launches Moonbeam Integration: The First Polkadot Parachain on Ambire

Explore the significance of Ambire Wallet's Moonbeam integration, the first Polkadot parachain, in enhancing cross-chain interoperability.

Ambire Wallet Launches Moonbeam Integration: The First Polkadot Parachain on Ambire

We are thrilled to announce that Moonbeam joins the list of networks supported on Ambire Wallet!

Ambire Wallet is designed to support a number of different networks and blockchains within the EVM world. However, today, we are thrilled to announce that the newest network supported by Ambire is Moonbeam. Technically, this is the first network that is not an EVM network, as Moonbeam is actually a Polkadot parachain.

What is Moonbeam

Moonbeam is the Ethereum-compatible parachain of the Polkadot network. Unlike most other EVM-based networks out there, Moonbeam is not a direct code fork of Ethereum node software. Instead, it is a Substrate chain that emulates Ethereum features and its communication protocol to provide a compatible environment. This means that Moonbeam has additional features such as integrated governance, cross-chain integrations, and staking, which are native to Substrate.

How does Moonbeam work

DApp developers can deploy on Moonbeam just as they would on other EVM chains, using the exact same tooling and code. By mirroring Ethereum’s Web3 RPC, accounts, keys, subscriptions, logs, and more, Moonbeam minimizes the changes required to run existing Solidity smart contracts on the network. Existing major DeFi protocols on Moonbeam include Sushi and Curve, with a number of Moonbeam-native options as well for swapping and lending.

The thriving DeFi ecosystem allows for opportunities across the board for Ambire users.

Moonbeam and Ambire Wallet

A screen showing the network selector in the Ambire Wallet

We have recognized the huge potential of the Polkadot ecosystem a long time ago — back in 2018 we introduced an Ambire AdEx Substrate implementation.

“We have been excited about Polkadot since the very start, starting with our AdEx implementation on Substrate back in 2018,” said Ivo Georgiev, CEO of Ambire. “We’re very excited to be backing the first parachain on Ambire, and Moonbeam was the natural choice as the most vibrant ecosystem out there so far.”

The Moonbeam and Moonriver parachains enjoy a growing popularity among crypto and DeFi enthusiasts. This is no surprise, as Polkadot offers flexibility and high-performance capabilities.

“Wallet infrastructure is critical for enabling users to get access to some of the amazing DeFi applications in the Moonbeam ecosystem” said Nate Hamilton, Ecosystem Lead for Moonbeam. “The Ambire team’s multichain focus as well as their extensive background in the substrate ecosystem made for a great expansion of our ecosystem.”

In Ambire Wallet, you can easily send or receive crypto on Moonbeam and Moonriver, connect to and use Moonbeam/Moonriver implementations of DeFi protocols.

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