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Ambire Wallet Integrates KuCoin Community Chain and Joins Unicorn Carnival Week

Discover the benefits of Ambire Wallet's integration with KuCoin Community Chain, including enhanced user experience and new opportunities.

Ambire Wallet Integrates KuCoin Community Chain and Joins Unicorn Carnival Week

Ambire Ecosystem Grows to Support 9 Blockchain Networks

Just as promised, we’re working hard to make Ambire the most accessible, secure and easy-to-use smart crypto wallet. We’re now in the middle of 2022’s Q2 and seeing a very dynamic season for Ambire Wallet, as it expands with full force: the KuCoin Community Chain (KCC) is now the 9th supported network.

What is KCC

With its mainnet launched in July of last year, the KuCoin Community Chain is the result of a community effort. It is built with the goal of having a fast, convenient and low-cost solution, fully compatible with EVM and ERC-20 smart contracts. KCC is powered by the native KCS token, the only currency that can be used for fueling transactions on the network.

KuCoin itself is one of blockchain’s OG exchanges. Launched in 2017, it is now one of the top crypto trading platforms globally, catering to a user base of over 8 million people in more than 200 countries.

💸 Airdrop Alert: Ambire x KCC Carnival Week 💸

Ambire Wallet is joining KCC Unicorn Carnival Week, a dedicated event that rewards active users and helps boost the most innovative and outstanding projects in the KCC ecosystem.

Part of the KCC Infrastructure Projects branch, Ambire is offering its users the chance to participate in the Cross-chain Airdrop Contest that will take place between May 5 to 16. The prize pool is $8.000 and will be split among all winners.

Let’s see the contest details 👇

How to participate

Ambire Wallet addresses that are newly connected to the KCC network must meet the following criteria to participate in the event:

— the address has not connected to KCC before and has never held assets on KCC before the event;

— the address has been active and made previous transactions on other chains (Ethereum, BSC, Avalanche, etc.) before the event starts

If the above two rules are met, then you are eligible for both airdrops that will be available May 5 to 16th, on the condition that you also hold KCS tokens in your Ambrie Wallet when the contest starts.

1 step to be eligible

To fund your Ambrie Wallet account with KCS tokens, you can simply deposit the desired KCS amount to your Ambire Wallet address. You will then see your assets on your dashboard, when you select the KCC chain:

A screenshot of the Ambire Wallet network picker and an arrow pointing at KCC Kucoin

That’s it — all you have to do is make sure you get your KCSs in Ambire until the contest starts on May 6th.

$8K Prize Pool — yes, please! 💰💰💰

Here’s the prize breakdown for the Ambire x KCC Wallet Contest:

  1. Airdrop based on ranks of KCS held — a total reward pool of $1200 equivalent in KCS+NFT (Legend*3, Epic*2, Diamond*5) will be distributed as follows:
  • №1: $300 equivalent KCS + NFT (Legend)
  • №2: $250 equivalent KCS+ NFT (Legend)
  • №3: $200 equivalent KCS+ NFT (Legend)
  • №4–5: $100 equivalent KCS+ NFT (Epic)
  • №6–10: $50 equivalent KCS+ NFT (Diamond)

2. Airdrop for holders — a total reward pool of $6800 equivalent in KCS+NFT (Gold*100) will be distributed to addresses that meet the requirements and hold more than 1 KCS at the end of the event. Winners will jointly share the $6800 worth of KCS, while the 100 NFTs (Gold) will be airdropped randomly.

Note: After the KCC event starts, two snapshots will be taken at random time, and addresses that meet the requirements for both snapshots will be rewarded. We encourage you to read through the official contest details on KCC website to be fully informed about the contest rules and specifics.

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