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Ambire in Istanbul 2023

The Ambire Wallet team is headed to Istanbul soon! Meet the people behind your favorite Web3 wallet, grab some swag, and talk about anything AA.

Meet the Ambire team at various events in Istanbul in November 2023
Meet the Ambire team at various events in Istanbul in November 2023

The team will be attending multiple events in Istanbul in November 2023. Here’s a quick overview of where you will be able to find us.

Binance Blockchain Week Istanbul

The two-day conference will take place on Nov 8th and 9th in Istanbul. Binance Blockchain Week Istanbul is aimed at traders, founders, institutional investors, regulators, global officials, and innovators, and the event’s focus will be on how to empower a billion more Web3 users around the globe. It is the third event Binance holds, following its success in Dubai and Paris in 2022.

Ambire will be there sponsoring coffee - and we all know how important that is! Swing by to grab a cup, as well as to say hi to the team and grab some swag!

Devconnect Istanbul

We will also be attending Devconnect Istanbul - when we’re not at any of the exciting side events, you’ll find us in the Coworking Space at Istanbul Congress Center, where we can have a chat and we can show you what is still in store for Ambire Wallet. We don’t want to spoil anything - but make sure to say hi for exclusive previews of the Ambire Wallet EXTENSION (coming to a laptop near you soon).

Abstract Istanbul

Consider Abstract Istanbul the universe of Account Abstraction. In this one-day event on November 14th, 2023, you can listen to keynotes and panels or participate in immersive workshops all about Account Abstraction and how to improve user experience.

Don’t miss the talk of our co-founder and CEO, Ivo Georgiev, just one of the Web3 legends who will be speaking at the event. Amongst others, you will be able to listen to Nicolas Bacca, Co-founder of Ledger, Julien Niset, Co-Founder and CSO at Argent, and Yoav Weiss, security researcher at the Ethereum Foundation!


WalletUncon, a one day "unconference" on blockchain wallets, standards, usability, etc. will be taking place on Friday, November 17th 2023 during Devconnect. There will be another exciting talk from Ambire Wallet co-founder and CEO Ivo Georgiev, so don't miss it!

Meet the team in person

There will be plenty of Ambirers at the event, so make sure you say Hi or reach out beforehand if you’d like to set up a more formal meeting (or grab a beer):

Ivo G - Co-founder & CEO
X (Twitter) & Telegram
Dimo - Co-Founder & COO
X (Twitter) & Telegram
Ivan - Marketing, Memes
X (Twitter) & Telegram
Nadia - Marketing
X (Twitter) & Telegram
Alex - Marketing
X (Twitter) & Telegram
Miro - UI Design, Marketing
X (Twitter) & Telegram
Aljaz - Community, Marketing
X (Twitter) & Telegram
Emil - Product
X (Twitter) & Telegram

See you in Istanbul!


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