AdEx Update — April 10, 2020

Here is an update of all that has happened at AdEx Network recently.

AdEx Update — April 10, 2020

Here is an update of all that has happened at AdEx Network recently.

These are challenging times, indeed but for us it’s business as usual. We are continuously working on making the AdEx plarform better and on acquiring new advertisers and publishers. Here’s what’s new.

Coronavirus update

We are glad to report that the Covid-19 pandemic has not impacted our company operations in any way. AdEx is a decentralized company — part of our team works remotely and another part — from our office in Sofia, Bulgaria. This means that our operations — company procedures, workflows, etc. are structured in a way that allows remote work. With the coronavirus outbreak still not under control, we are practicing social distancing and the entire team works from home.


  • Since our last update, we have introduced a Getting started guide in the platform to make it easier for publishers and advertisers to find their way around and start using it actively.
  • We have introduced a number of new policies to combat ad fraud attempts. You can read more about this here.
  • One of our new policies requires publisher verification. The verification is automated and there is now a website field added in the ad slot creation flow.
  • Advertisers can now now see a breakdown by publishers for every campaign they are running. This way they can optimize their ad spend and achieve better return on their spend.
  • To offer coronavirus relief to advertisers, we have started a new promotion where we offer 30% cashback on ad campaigns run before May 31. See the promotional conditions here.

Team growth

We are currently looking to hire an experienced business development/marketing expert to join our team. If you believe you’re the right specialist for the job, don’t hesitate to apply.

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