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AdEx Policies Update

We have introduced a few new policies that will help us keep the high quality traffic on our ad network.

AdEx Policies Update

In the past couple of weeks, we witnessed a significant number of fraud attempts on our platform. While we caught and stopped these attempts before they could defraud anyone, we were forced to reconsider our existing policies and introduce a few new rules.

The purpose of these new policies is to ensure the high quality of the traffic offered through AdEx, and to enforce a clean and secure environment for our advertisers and publishers.

Here are the new policies that we have implemented.

Mandatory publisher verification

All publishers signing up for AdEx Network will have to pass a mandatory verification process. This rule is currently being applied retroactively to existing publishers as well.

Unverified publishers will not be able to display ads but they will still have access to their accounts and will be able to withdraw previously accumulated earnings.

To initiate the verification process, please follow the steps in this tutorial.

Ad slots cap

Publishers are now allowed to have a maximum of two ad slots per page. In addition, these two slots must be of different dimensions. You can read more about this here.

AdEx AdView policies

The AdEx AdView has been updated with the following new policies:

  • Ads will only be shown if the ad slot is placed on the same website (by hostname) as it’s configured in the AdEx Platform; if your ad slot was created before the website URL was mandatory, please edit it to add it.
  • The ad tags will not work if they’re placed within an <iframe>.
  • The ad tags will not work if your website is not served through HTTPS.
  • An impression will only be counted once the ad is in the viewport.
  • An impression will be counted only if a 5 or more seconds are spent on the page after the ad is first seen.

With the last two changes in place, we expect impression count to drop noticeably, however we are confident that the free market principles will kick in to correct CPMs and ensure that publishers are monetizing their traffic.

The mandatory publishers verification and ad slot capping policies are already applicable, and the AdView policies will take effect on Monday, March 9, 2020.

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