AdEx in Numbers: June 2021

Statistics to note from the AdEx Network ecosystem

AdEx in Numbers: June 2021

Statistics to note from the AdEx Network ecosystem

June is a special month for us because this is when we celebrate our anniversary. This June, AdEx turned 4. Looking back, we reached so many incredible milestones that it would probably take us a few days just to list them. Instead, we’ll share with your our statistics and performance for the month.


A mere month ago we hit 10,000 registered users, and now we’ve almost reached 12,000 corporate clients (we will probably get to that benchmark by the time you read this blog post).

Out of them, publishers were the ones more active in June as usual but we also saw a good number of active advertisers as well.

This was also visible from the 37.6% increase in advertising impressions served through the network in June.

Take a look at the overall data below.

If you are interested in becoming an AdEx publisher or an advertiser, you can register your free account here.

AdEx Staking

This month we saw a spike in the number of ADX holders — they grew by 5.6% compared to May.

The amount of tokens staked to the Validator Tom pool was also on the rise — in June, there were 6.3% more ADX in the pool.

We are expecting to see even more ADX poured in that pool as it’s APY has consistently remained around 50%. Now that the Loyalty pool is not accepting new stakers because it reached its cap, the Tom pool remains a lucrative choice for DeFi investors.

If you are looking for new investment opportunities, make sure to learn more about AdEx staking.

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